Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers are such a blessing

I think this Father's Day is extra special this year because of the new addition to our family! It would have been cool if Brenna had actually been born on Father's Day, but I think I would have been ripping my hair out by now if I had to wait 5 more days! It's been pretty fun the past few days taking care of 2 girls, but heaven knows I wouldn't have been able to do it all by myself! So here's to you, Nate, for doing an awesome job once again!

Yesterday we went to El Matador to celebrate father's day with Dad. It was way fun! It was supposed to be a surprise, but you know us Townleys! It was still a good idea to celebrate the day before because both Mom and Dad are leaving today to Nevada for several days! Anyways, let me just say dad that I love you very much! You are the best Father I've ever had! You are an awesome Grandpa too, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

I want to send another 'Happy Father's Day' out to my father-in-law Mark! You're the greatest "Crap pa" out there! (Don't worry everyone, it's just a friendly nickname from Kaylee.) Thanks for keeping Nate in line until I took over.


Gailey said...

Hey Sarah, this is Whitney "Gooch" Gailey! I found your blog through Kamis and I had to say congrats! She is a beautiful baby! I hope everything is going good, these blogs are such a fun way to keep in touch with people so I am glad I found yours!

Kaylee said...

Those pictures of Nate and Brenna are SO cute! She's looking right up at him! And I can tell she has her own little look now, she's beautiful!