Our Story

Hello friends! Welcome to the Bringhurst family blog. We use this blog to chronologically document the events in our lives! Feel free to 'follow' us through our lifelong journey!

All entries are authored by the Mom, Sarah (me). I have written a lengthy introduction so you can get to know us a little bit if you so desire!
How we met...
In 9th grade, my best friend Kami and I really wanted to live within walking distance from each other. My Dad was talking about moving to Nevada. That idea was unacceptable! Kami remembered that the neighbors with the big house, located around the corner from her, had their house up for sale. She presented the idea of us moving there to my dad. He went and took a tour of the house that night! 3 months later we moved in! We walked back and forth to each other's house all summer...night game heaven.

At the time, Nate was on his mission in Johannesburg, South Africa. When he got back, I was still a sophomore in high school. He opted to continue going to the family ward instead of the singles ward. I like to think it's because of me. :)  The summer before my senior year, we started talking to each other at church. We conveniently lived on the same road. By the end of the summer we were 'hanging out' a little bit. He made a CD of some of his favorite songs and I listened to it over and over again while swooning. He got my 'digits' and we started talking on the phone. My sisters were melting as much as I was! So romantic!

We went on our first official date in August. Nate invited me to a friend's wedding. I was SO excited! I wore a dress, Nate wore a tie, and he cleaned the car SPOTLESS. He even asked my dad what time he should have me home. The reception was in Provo canyon, so afterward, we went to his Aunt Christy's house, who lived nearby. Then we walked around temple square (I was forced to hold onto his arm very tightly because of my foot injury. Sometimes he even had to carry me. I can't say that I minded.) Soon we were sitting in front of the temple. By then it was midnight and we were the only ones there. I think we both knew at that moment...yes, on our first date...that we were going to be together forever.

Oh, and about that injury. Going into my senior year, I was President on the drill team. I had just mastered an aerial (tumbling trick) and was doing it over and over again at practice. One time, however, I was practicing the aerial I broke some bones in my foot. I persevered through tryouts before I got an x-ray. Good news-I made all the dances. Bad news-my foot needed surgery and I was going to be 4-6 weeks on crutches.

After my surgery, I was all drugged up for a good week. I was a mess! I was talking like a drunk person and falling asleep mid-sentence. No makeup. Couldn't do my hair. BUT in spite of all the yucky-ness of my post-procedure nightmare, Nate kept coming around! We were together every day, even though I had school the next day. We went to the drive-ins, we hung out at his house, my house, went out with friends, whatever. It was embarrassing because I had to be on crutches, but I let him carry me whenever possible.

In November, Nate asked me how I felt about marrying him. I didn't have to hesitate, my answer was yes. I knew Heavenly Father had brought us together. I was a little freaked out! Hmmm, didn't know how to cook, hadn't even started college yet, never lived on my own... We decided to set the date in August to give my mom time to plan the wedding.

After my foot recovered, I continued to compete on the drill team. I stopped going to the dances, including the Senior prom. I was too busy planning my wedding!!!

The Proposal...

I basically had the entire wedding planned before Nate proposed to me. It was ok though. Nate is a perfectionist. He wanted the proposal to be perfect. Apparently he had the ring for weeks before he officially popped the question. I knew he was going to propose because he was acting a little suspicious...and he had a canoe on the top of the truck. I got all dolled up in anticipation of the event!

It was the day before high school graduation. He picked me up in the truck and we stopped to get some Subway. He told me he wanted to take me for a ride in the canoe. It was a beautiful drive up the mountain. We paddled out into the middle of East Canyon Dam. We were the only ones on the lake...or so it seemed. It was sunset. Aside from my little 'freak out' over a very large bug on my side of the boat, it was very romantic!

We ate our subs. Nate was very quiet through the meal. When the sun began to set, he asked me if I was ready for dessert. He then pulled out 2 dozen yellow and red roses from his backpack. 24 roses, and 24 reasons he loved me. He gave me one reason as he handed me each perfect rose. 

Then he got down on one knee...in the canoe...and gave me the ring. I could barely see it through my tears. What a precious, perfect moment.

We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake, Utah Temple on August 4, 2004. The first day of our lives together!

The story continues...
 After our honeymoon, we both started school at Weber State University. After much prayer and council from our sealer, we decided not to wait long before starting our family! After I found out I was pregnant, I was accepted into the Nursing Program. Around the same time, Nate was called as 2nd counselor in the bishopric in our ward. I was called into the young women's. He got to come to girls camp to take care of his poor pregnant wife!

Our first daughter was born during my first semester of nursing school. Second happiest day of my life!

Kaylee's Blessing

Thanks to the help of our mothers and several other family members and friends, we continued to go to school. 
Nate was then called to 1st counselor in the Bishopric, and I was called to be Young Women's President. 
 One of my favorite and most memorable moments in my calling was when we had our youth conference. We had a temple day, and in the Joseph Smith Memorial building, we saw Elder Uchtdorf, one of the 12 apostles, and he actually was willing to take a picture with us!

After a crazy 2 years, I graduated Nursing school!!!

 As soon as I finished school, we moved into Grandma's basement. I was pregnant. I got my first RN job on my FAVORITE unit at McKay Dee. Nate pushed up his sleeves and got to work on his education. He was a double major, working on his undergraduate degrees in Communications and Economics at the University of Utah.

Our second daughter was born the following summer!

After she was born, I went to working just part time. It was such a blessing to our family! I loved being home more with my babies. It also made it so Nate could actually study at home.

Shortly after finishing his undergraduate studies, Nate was accepted into the Masters Program in Economics at the U. On Christmas of 2009, I surprised Nate that we were having a BOY!!!

After the most difficult pregnancy thus far, our baby boy was born in the summer of 2010.

Nate was almost finished with school when we both got restless. We felt like it was time for change. Like we needed to move. Nate wasn't finding a job that he really felt good about. After a lot of praying, fasting, and discussion, we bought a property management franchise and moved across the country! So here we are!

We are loving our new adventure so far. Nate got called into the bishopric shortly after we moved here, and I now have a calling in Primary (with the children). We love movie nights, singing songs, working hard, and visitors. We have had tough times and tears, but those are the things that have made us closer and stronger.