Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ok...we are so lame at this blog thing so far. Here is some updated information...I am still PREGNANT! (This is Sarah writing by the way) Uggghhhh....and it's getting hot now. Nate is getting anxious to put away the big fan that I keep lugging around all over the house! I have stopped working, so that has taken off a big load. I just hope I don't waste too much of my maternity leave waiting for this baby to come!

As for Kaylee, she is pretty much in copy-cat mode. If you say, "Kaylee, come here!" She'll say the same thing back, but she'll still obey! She likes to say 'good glow' to herself meaning 'good girl'. We have high hopes that she will find her new sibling acceptable the way she is so affectionate to her baby dolls. She has been putting her 'baby' in the baby swing, crib, and bouncer, and will sometimes climb up in the rocker and sing 'twinkle twinkle little star' to the doll. She still drags around her stuffed elephant wherever she goes and squeezes the top of his trunk when she needs extra comfort. Cami (Nate's sister) knows that she has a big task at hand if she is going to attempt to find an animal for our new baby as perfect as that elephant was for Kaylee!

Something else you might want to know about Kaylee is if you want to be friends with her, never come near her with a stethoscope or ANY medical equipment in ANY healthcare setting. She has had some tests done (CT, MRI, multiple checkups) for follow up on a concussion that have left her absolutely traumatized. She is even afraid of bandaids! She is able to work out some of her inner problems with a medical kit mom and dad gave her for her birthday awhile ago by giving other people pretend shots and listening with her pink stethoscope to their hearts go 'dump dump dump!' If nobody is available for a checkup from doctor Kaylee, the next best thing is of course (you guessed it!) the elephant!

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