Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

So my camera died like right after the parade, so I didn't get to capture a lot of what we did (never trust re-chargeable batteries). After the parade we went to West Point Days and Kaylee was too scared to do anything. The bouncy castle was a no-go. The bubbles were definitely out of the question. Even after making a crown at the princess booth, it was too scary to put on. Heather was with us, and she was daring enough to do the most dangerous activity of them all...rock climbing! We also went to a BBQ at aunt B's afterwards where they did their own fireworks. Surprisingly enough, Kaylee liked them.

Kaylee and her aunts Cami and Heather

Lookin' good, babe

Beautiful baby

Super climber Heather

The day after the 4th was the day my family left for good. I will miss my sisters staying with me and hanging out. They are such cute girls! I love all of them! :(

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Kammers said...

Brenna is getting so big already! She is so cute! I hope you're doing all right with your family being officially moved away! I have been thinking about you..and make sure you call if you need anything!