Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girls Day Out...Fun At the Treehouse Museum

Yesterday was a blast! Me and my girls went with Kaylee and Remy to the treehouse museum for toddler time. There were games, songs, and stories. It was fun to watch Kaylee explore and play! At one point she was having so much fun with some kids that she actually grabbed another mom's hand on purpose intending to go with her and her kids! It was hilarious. Afterwards, we went to Kaylee's for some Chinese and a chick flick. It was girl heaven! Check out the slide show!


Kaylee said...

Cute slideshow!! You got some really great pictures. I had a blast yesterday, it really was a girl's heaven!

Shannon Masayo said...

so cute your girls are so gorgeous! aren't those snugli carriers the best? we live for them!

Nate or Sarah said...

Oh yes, with 2 there's no other way!