Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagged! How embarassing but true!

Thanks Chaleese!

This tag cracks me up! You are all going to know me way better than you ever wanted to.
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Tell 6
UNSPECTACULAR Quirks about yourself and tag 6 fellow bloggers.
Here we go...

1. My purse is always a hideous mess. I like almost everything else organized to perfection, but my purse is essentially a perpetual garbage receptical. I stuff receipts in there out of habit, Kaylee's hairbows when they fall out, gum wrappers, etc. I always have like 4 lip glosses in there because I can never find it when I need it! Sometimes I can't even find my phone or sunglasses, and those are big items! If Nate asks for a pen or my keys, he better have half-an-hour to wait while I look for them. He actually has taken the initiative to clean it out for me on a regular basis because it helps HIM out!

2. I am scared of cops. Really. If there is ever a cop, my palms sweat and my eyes are glued to the rearview mirror to see if he's gonna follow me. If he does get behind me, I'll turn into a gas station or neighborhood to avoid being pulled over. It's not like I'm ever breaking the law! I even have night mares about being pulled over! What's the big deal? A ticket? That's the worst that could happen! I act like I'm a criminal in hiding every time I see a cop!

3. I am SO impatient. If I start on a project, like for decorating the house or putting together a gift for a friend, I will literally put EVERYTHING on hold until I get it done and can see the final product. Like even eating is a burden! I painted a shelf for my living room and I did nothing else until it was up on the wall with decorations on it. I think I just get so excited!!! Whenever I have moved, I will stay up all night unpacking for days and days doing NOTHING else until it's done, even if I have to work!

4. This is so so gross, but I LOVE popping zits. I scan Nate's back regularly looking for an opportunity! Black heads are the best. Sorry, I won't go into any more details.

5. I hate and dread mail. If I ever have to send anything by real mail, I dread it like it's the plague! I have no idea why! Thank you cards after we got married almost gave me a nervous breakdown. Sorry if you didn't get one, now you know why. If you get something from me in the mail, I must really like you! hahaha I don't know what's wrong with me.

6. If I even TOUCH anything electronic, it malfunctions. Here's a list off the top of my head of things that have either had to be fixed or replaced after I have used it (not that I do anything crazy to break it! The chemicals in my fingertips must send bad signals to the poor things); my ipod, our digital camera, 3 DVD players, the computer, 2 car CD players, the fridge, 2 cell phones, and the list goes on and on! Good thing my husband LOVES an opportunity to buy a brand new electronic item!

6 people I tag; Codee, Kristen, Kristen, Megan, Anne, and Janessa!


Shannon Masayo said...

this is the best tag ever. so funny, but i loved it. My purse is a disaster too, I think part of it is being a mom. It is the one place people don't just browse through and it is so easy to shove burp rags and toys and make up into. Also the zit thing either you love it or hate it. I personally think it is the greatest too. My mom used to buy my brother's friend things so he would let her pop them when he was in high school. The cop thing is hilarious. I am the total opposite. I almost get stuck up like... I check to make sure I am only going like three over, Then I am like "I'm not doing anything wrong, if he pulls me over, I will tell him what is up" haha I have been pulled over so many times and only had one ticket because of registration when i was younger. It was usually weekend nights, and hoping i had been drinking or something. They always ask "so howmuch have you had to drink" and it makes me mad because you know you didn't do anything wrong so i give them attitude. I always wish they will give me a Breathalyzer but never do. I'd show them. haha You are so sweet and i love you! You are and inspiration to me. always have been.

Jones Family said...

Thanks for the tag, that is too funny! I can relate to a lot of yours haha, except for the cop thing, I was laughing really hard.
On Monday it is from 10-12...So I can do that if you can, just give me a call :)

Devyn said...

ha ha i love this! im a lot like you.. purse and zit wise ha ha. im glad you didnt tag me. i dont know what i would write about. my norm is probably everyone elses weird.

The Frei's said...

That is so such a fun tag! I am just like you with purses and cops! I get so nervous everytime I see one, even if I'm goin under the speed limit! Its weird!

nixon5 said...

That is a fun tag never seen that one before. I loved reading things about you. Sorry about your electrical devices they were probably about to break anyway :)

Gary and Jenessa said...

That is a cute tag! I think the embarassing part is going to be so true for me! Ha ha My purse is a mess too. That's why the bigger the better!

Chaleese said...

You are so funny!! I am scared of cops too! Whenever I see one I start sweating and my heart starts racing! So weird!! ;)

The Frei's said...

That is so cool that you are training for a triathalon. Blake and I want to do one of those too. We have been looking at good road bikes to get, I am just nervous about the swimming. I'm not the greatest swimmer :)