Friday, October 24, 2008

Doctor visit

Today we took both of our girls to the doctor. I was so nervous because I knew both of them would be getting shots. We make such a scene every time we go! But it wasn't as bad as I thought.

They checked Kaylee's vision, and it's 20/30! They had her look at a chart with shapes. She was so cooperative! Also, they did a color test, and no, she is not colorblind. She was so brave up until she had to pull her pants down for the shot. But when it was done, she perked right up and gave us all high-fives. The doctor gave her a book, so he scored some points with her!

Weight: 31.3 lbs----percentile: 57%
Height: 36.8 inches------percentile: 44%
Percentile for BMI : 66%

Brenna did awesome for her checkup. She was grabbing the doctor's fingers and smiling away at him! She even laughed when he felt her abdomen! She was fascinated with all the lights and equipment. But she started crying when she got the oral vaccine, and then cried so hard she was blue when she got her 3 shots! Poor baby! When we got home I gave her some tylenol, and it didn't seem to help a whole lot. She just cries and cries! She has been nursing every 2 hours ever since then...comfort food I guess! The doc said that she can start on solids any time since she's holding her head up so well and acting interested in food. SAD! She's growing up too fast! I am going to wait at least another month, though. I just can't do it. Not yet.

Weight: 13.89 lbs----percentile: 44%
Length: 24.57 inches----percentile: 49%
Head circumfrence: 17.2 inches----percentile: 96%

I know, apparently she has a huge knoggin, just like her sister. Kaylee was always upper 90s!
Well, I wish we could say we were done for the year. Kaylee has an MRI next month and Brenna will have more shots in 2 months. :(
So stay tuned for more 'Doctor' drama from the Bringhurst family! (I know, I know, I don't really have anything to complain about. My girls are at least very healthy.)


Chaleese said...

I always dreaded taking Parker to the doctor too. But he has grown up a lot this year. I just took them to get flu shots and he did so good. I am sorry Brenna is sad. Shots are the worst!

Gary and Jenessa said...

I am glad that your cute little bugs are healthy! Hopefully their appointments coming soon will be just as good news as this one was!

nixon5 said...

Good luck with the upcoming ones.
I hate the doctors and hate it even more for my kids to go. The things we do to keep them healthy.

Kaylee said...

Sweet little girls. And you Bringhursts w/ your big heads lol!! Totally kidding, you have the cutest babies! I miss them!

darin said...

I love the way you blog... I'm taking Jake into the doctor for his two month shots this next week and I'm dreading it! Your girls are so good! And those percentages... I'd say you have a couple little lollipops on your hands! Adorable lollipops, lollipops none the less! (Remember you always called me that?)

darin said...

By the way, that was from me... Allison.

Natalie said...

Man, you are brave to do them together! I have to leave one kid home everytime I take one to the doctor... haha. I'm still adjusting to this mom-of-two thing... how old is Brenna? Kami loves rice cereal. I agree though, it is sad!

Shalese and Cody said...

Sarah! Love your post! Glad your girls are healthy. nice work on the pumpkins. love ya!

twinkle twinkle baby, twinkle twinkle said...

You and Nate are so cute together! Your kids are adorable.

Jamie said...

Oh doctor visits! :( but they sound like they took it like little champs! They are both so adorable!

Brett and Megan said...

I totally know how you feel. Daven screams bloody murder every time we take him to the Doctors. I dread it! I can't believe how much Brenna is starting to look like Kaylee! And if you ever need someone to watch them, please call me I would love to!