Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little girl hair

I found a new blog that I love so much. If only my daughter hadn't cut her own hair, I would still be able to do her hair in fancy, cutesy ways. This blog is so cool because it shows step-by-step instructions on how to do these dos! She shows you how to organize your bows, clips, ribbons, etc. so you don't get in over your head trying to keep track of all this hair stuff. Like I said, I love it. I go there all the time to get ideas.

So these pictures are from the SHE DOES HAIR blog. So dang cute!

So here's a couple of my attempts. I thought it was pretty good for a first try. But like I said, since then, she cut her own hair and I had to WACK it all off to make it even. I will continue to have hope that someday she will have hair long enough to do flippy ponnies.

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