Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tagged by Megan!

Thanks Megs! This one was way fun.

Rules: Tell five things about your kids that people might not know, and you have to do all of your kids!

I'll try to keep it short since I have two kids...it's hard to do, I could talk about my kids forever!


1. Kaylee never eats a sandwich all together. She eats the top piece of bread, the meat, sometimes the cheese, leaves out the veggies, and then eats the last piece of bread!
2. She has a cyst tumor next to her brain that they found when she fell and had to have a CT scan/MRI. She will have a yearly MRI to keep an eye on it. :( Apparently she had it since before she was born, but we never knew until May of this year.
3. She is ambidextrous. She eats and colors with both hands interchangeably, though we think she prefers her left overall. It's fun to watch her eat cereal because she'll switch hands multiple times before she's finished!
4. Kaylee has a stuffed animal "Ellie," an elephant her aunt Cami gave her when she was born. She cannot go to sleep unless she has that elephant. When she was a new baby, she had an elephant rattle that was her favorite toy. She just loves elephants for some reason! Yes, she loves Dumbo, it's one of her favorite shows! When she is 'sharing' with Brenna, she'll always put her elephants next to her; I think this is because it is the greatest sacrifice she is capable of.
5. Kaylee is scared...no, TERRIFIED of the doctor's. She was even BEFORE she had the concussion. Any time we would go for a well-child checkup, she would scream the second ANYONE unfamiliar walked through the door. It was an absolute nightmare when she had her MRI. When we took Brenna to the doctor for the first time, we brought Kaylee, thinking she wouldn't care since Brenna would be the one being examined. We were very wrong! She screamed the whole time. After Brenna got her shots, they were both screaming. I'm pretty sure the Pediatric clinic hates us.


1. Brenna has a raspy voice! My dad had one when he was little, and so did my sisters Stacie and Heather.
2. She LOVES to watch Kaylee. When Kaylee walks in the room, it's an automatic smile. If Kaylee's dancing or being silly, Brenna will laugh and laugh...and she doesn't laugh all that often!
3. She loves loves loves her swing. Kaylee never liked it as a baby, so we never used it, and now Brenna is making up for it!
4. When she cries, it sounds like that cry, you know, when they've been crying for like 10 minutes straight and it goes quiet because they've screamed out all their air! Her cry sounds like that the second she starts. It's the kind of cry that makes you feel desperate to stop. You can't even talk over it it's so loud. It's very embarrassing in public because everyone looks over at me to see what the heck I've done to my child to make her cry so hard. I feel like saying, "Don't worry folks, she just lost her binky."
5. Speaking of binkies, Brenna is definitely a binky girl, but she can NOT keep that thing in her mouth! Since day one, whoever has her has to put it back in her mouth at least 50 times in the short time they're holding her. She's definitely getting better at it as she gets older! Funny baby.

I tag whoever has kids and wants to let us get to know them!!!!


Heidi said...

Ah you're the cutest lil' mommy!

Trissy-T said...

They are the cutest girls! I bet Kaylee is the best big sister!

nixon5 said...

That was sooo much fun to read about your cute girls. They are so cute. what great parents they have.
Love the elephant thing too that is great.

Cory and Megan said...

This is a really fun post about your girls. They are so darling!

Chaleese said...

That was so fun to read about your girls :) Parker and Kaylee should go to the doctor together ha ha! That is so funny that she screams like that! Ever since Parker was born he has done that exact same thing!! I always dreaded taking him to the doctor! So funny!

Lisa said...

Cute idea! Cute blog. BYW, Paige is 20 months old. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Gary and Jenessa said...

That tag is so dang cute! It's so fun to hear about your girls! They are so dang cute! I love that Brenna has a raspy voice. I bet that is so cute! And way cute she loves her big sis so much!

katiejane85 said...

Thats so funny about Brenna's Binky. Addison Couldn't keep her binky in until she was about 5 months old. When she wanted it, you just had to hold it there for her.