Thursday, November 6, 2008

I {heart} my ipod

Dear exercising; and jogging in particular,

I have disliked you for so long. But I have found a way for our relationship to work. Meet, Nano.

You have to buy one of these. Or an MP3 player. If you are like me and cannot afford your own elliptical machine or treadmill and have to resort to running around the neighborhood, it is SO much easier if you have some music to get you pumped up. An ipod is cheaper than a machine. My husband bought me one. I'm so glad he did.
You can fantasize about how strong and tough you are. You turn up the volume to 'Thunderstruck' and you are ready for the game. You are in the zone now. You focus on that stop sign ahead, and know you can make it. You ARE WOMAN. Your body is shrinking with every step! Keep going! Don't stop now! AC/DC is playing this song for you! If only your husband could see you now!

Is this what goes through my head when I'm jogging, you ask? course not....

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