Sunday, December 21, 2008

Grandma's Romantic House

Not just memories of Christmas, but of childhood. I took a walk down memory lane. My Grandma's house does not change, and isn't that wonderful! I could write a song about this house and all of my favorite things. Warm food, warm hands, warm hearts, warm memories. The chime of the grandfather clock, the smell of Grandpa's gloves after feeding the horses, the sleigh in the snow, and chocolate milk. Just the sight of the house brings sentiments of the sweetest kind.

First, the handcrafted gingerbread house, by Grandma.

Never missing a detail. Beauty in every corner.

Peek through the window and you'll see Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoying the evening together in their rocking chairs, side by side in front of the fireplace.

Outside an elf is busy at work.

A trimmed bassinet holds Christmas gifts.
Each window drips with drapes. The dining room overlooks miles of open fields covered with a blanket of snow.

The bathroom is bright and inviting.

The designated 'princess' room is more romantic than ever!

Even the ceiling sparkles! The embedded glitter is enhanced with hanging chandeliers.

This doll house was also hand-made

This doll sleeps in a hand-made cradle, swaddled in hand-made quilts.

The booties you see in the collection cabinet were my great-grandfather's, along with other precious keep-sakes.
Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go....

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