Friday, January 9, 2009

Brenna at the doctor

Well, I took the Brennster to the doctor yesterday. She was in SUCH a good mood! She was smiling and sticking her long tongue out at everyone! (That's what she does when she's excited) She especially loved our nurse, who was Jamaican. Every time the nurse would talk, she would just start laughing! Even when she gave her shots, Brenna cried really hard, but would smile at the nurse in between bursts of crying. The nurse felt so bad and really didn't want to poke her! Also when the doctor came in, she was laughing at him too and tried to suck on his stethoscope. I was surprised at how well things went!

Length: 27.24 in.............82 percentile
Weight: 15.94 in..............31 percentile
Head: 18.1 in...................99 percentile

So she's long and skinny with a big head. And just the cutest baby in the whole world!


Jenifer said...

What a good girl! I have to take Addison to the doctor next week for shots and I am SO not looking forward to that at all! Hopefully, she will surprise me and be as good as Brenna!

Chaleese said...

She is the cutest baby! I am glad she is doing good. I hate when they have to get shots. Poor babies! Payson has to get his 1 year old shots soon, those are the worst! :(