Sunday, February 22, 2009

Randomness...and Valentine's Day

We'll start with a bit of randomness. These pictures are seriously so so good, and I will tell you why. Kaylee's EXACT words while I was taking these pictures were, "We don't eat BUGARS!!!" I know! I am a genius photographer for catching this precious moment in time!

And thank you! To the Housers! For letting Brenna borrow this fun little gadget. Brenna LOVES it. She bounces like a wild child in it! She can bounce for the longest time, and just never get sick of it! One time she bounced herself to sleep! (I didn't get that one on camera, but I'm working on it.)

Ah, what a romantic Valentine's Day it was! My wonderful husband who loves me gave me these beautiful white roses.

So what I did for him was I gave him an invitation to a picnic in the living room. I lit candles, threw around some fake rose petals, and made some manicotti and cheese cake to eat!

...and chocolate covered strawberries.

We decided to invite the girls. I know, so romantic, huh? Brenna didn't last long. She had to go to bed because she was screaming. Kaylee thought it was a tea party, so she got her snow white dress on and kept wanting to 'clank' glasses and say, "CHEERS!"
To finish out the evening, Kaylee and I took turns dancing with the Prince. I didn't mind sharing.

Ok, here's some random cute pictures of Brenna. Have a great week!


Cory and Megan said...

Those first pictures of Kaylee are hilarious. She is such a cute silly girl. And Brenna is so gorgeous, she does seem to be having a blast in the bouncer. Your such a good mom.

What a fun love day! :) The flowers are beautiful and what a nice idea to plan a "tea party," :) I mean picnic. and manicotti sounds mm mm delicious. I need that recipe for sure!

Whitney said...

How fun! Nothing is more romantic than a tea party picnic!

Randy or Jen said...

What a romantic day! I should have done something cute like that for Randy. Maybe next year I'll copy you! Your little girls are so cute! I can't believe how big Kaylee is getting!!! She was so tiny when we moved!

Chaleese said...

I love Kaylee's face! That is hilarious! She is so funny. Parker was looking at your pictures with me, and I told him who Kaylee is and that she is his age, and he said oh, she is a princess, can she be my best friend!! :)

Ashley said...

I love you picnic idea! Your little girls are so cute.

nixon5 said...

What fun pictures and fun memories to have. And who does not love the bouncy things true lifesavers some days really.

Anonymous said...

Your Valentine's dinner is such a cute idea!! Your girls are gorgeous! They get that from their mommy!! ;-)And your blog is so cute and inspiring!! Cute!!