Thursday, April 30, 2009

Classy or tacky?

Ok. A couple of weeks ago I had a birthday and turned...well...twenty something. I have gone shopping a couple of times to buy myself birthday presents with money people have so generously given me (thank you!!!). I have found myself in conflict. I keep asking myself, can I pull that off? Or is that too juvenile? I mean, I'm twenty something. Should I start dressing, older? Or mature or something? I don't want to look like I'm in high school, but I'm pretty sure I'm finding myself attracted to clothing that I would have picked out in high school!

Take this eyeshadow for instance. I bought this over Christmas break. I bought it because my 13 year old sister had one, and I loved it! The colors are a little bright and I too old for that?

And what about this. What if you have a shirt, some eyeshadow, and nail polish that are all the same color. Is that way tacky? Is that so Junior High? Or is it cute, like matchy matchy?

Here is an example. Tell me what you think.

Purple shirt.

Purple eyeshadow.
{I guess I'm not coordinated enough to take a picture of myself with one eye shut}

And purple toes.

So what do you think? Should I be struttin' my stuff, or should everyone I'm with wish they never knew me?

{Simplified version of the question: is it tacky and/or juvenile to be this matchy? And not just this example. Think in general terms. Is it more classy to switch up the colors in your look? Tell me what you think!!!}

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