Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My series of unfortunate events.

When it rains, it pours.

{WARNING} After you read this story, you might feel better about yourself.
It's a long story, but SO worth reading.

It started on a Wednesday night. My husband was on his way home from school, and our car died on him. He had to run 2 miles to get home.

The next day was Thursday. My husband drove our other car out to give it a jump start. It was enough to get it home so he could work on it.

I had to work that night, so I borrowed my mother-in-law's car. And that worked out fine.
When I got to work (I work the graveyard shift as an RN), I was hoping it would be a calm, relaxing night considering all that had transpired. However, when I got to work, I ended up getting floated to the intensive care unit, which is not usually calm and relaxing.
And it wasn't.
Oh well, I said to myself. I made it through a couple of rough days.

I had to go back to work again the next night. Unfortunately, the damage on our car was more than my husband could handle, so we had to take it in. When I woke up, I rushed to get myself ready so I could follow my husband to the car shop. Then I rushed over to my inlaws to borrow their other vehicle because they needed the one I borrowed the night before.
So I hopped in their truck and headed to work.


I made it to work however in the nick of time. I jumped out of the truck to rush inside, when I noticed that one of the tires on the truck was flat.

DRAT. What next?

I got myself inside the building. Walked in the break room. Power was out. Great. FYI, that plagued me all. night. long.

I was assigned a student. Not that students are bad, just require a little extra time to explain everything I'm doing.
Our patients were very busy. But usually after about 9 PM things slow down, and plus, that's when my student would be leaving.
Apparently my CNA went home early, without finishing his work. So guess who had to do it? ME. Instead of things slowing down after 9 PM, they got BUSIER! The last time I remember my legs aching so bad from being on my feet so long was when I was pregnant. That was almost a year and a half ago!

Near the end of the shift, I remembered 2 things. One, that I had a family party that day, meaning I would get approximately 3 hours of sleep before I had to get up and get everyone ready. Two, that I now had a flat tire to deal with.

I mentioned to one of my co-workers that I had a leaky tire, and if he knew a place I could fill it up with some air. Cause that's all it needed, just a little air.

Well, he offered to come take a look at it. Guess what? FLAT to the rim it was.

LUCKILY FOR ME I had this guy! For about an hour, he worked at changing the tire. Half the battle was finding where the spare was and where the tools were. I stood there like an idiot the whole time because I've never changed a tire in my life.

So he gets the spare on and GUESS WHAT! It's flat too. But not as bad. So he offered to follow me to a gas station to fill it up with some air.

We get to the gas station, he puts in his quarters to fill up the tire, and GUESS WHAT! Doesn't work! Oh my word you've got to be kidding me!!!!
So we go to ANOTHER gas station, and thank goodness, we get air in the tire.
THANK YOU I say to him over and over. Poor guy, now he's behind in his sleep too!

I drive home slowly with my eyes bugging out because the truck feels un-even and I'm worried the tire will pop off. When I finally get home and crash into bed, I'm an hour-and-a-half behind in my sleep.

When my husband wakes me up (I was dead to the world), it was 11 AM. That's an hour later than I was supposed to sleep! Now we're going to be late for the party.

"Want to hear a funny story?" He says. "What?" I snap, irritated that I woke up late!
"Brenna drank a whole bunch of bubbles and I had to call poison control! But don't worry, they said she'd be fine. They said if she drank a lot, she will just throw up and have some diarrhea."
WHAT???? I could not have been more ANGRY!
Not that it was his fault, but oh my word what MORE could possibly happen!!
Then he went on, "She threw up a couple of times already. I don't know, should we even go to this party?"

But we had to go to the party. We just had to! My family from Nevada that we see like twice a year is coming up! We have to go and see them! It's out of the question not to go.

Brenna (our 1 year old) was asleep at the time. I woke her up, and she seemed to feel fine! GOOD, I thought. I'll just bathe her to make sure she doesn't smell like puke. Then we'll go! We'll be a little late, but it's fine. It's fine.

Get her bathed, get everyone dressed, we're headed out the door. Brenna starts fussing. I pick her up, she's warm to the touch.
Great. Well, I'll give her some Tylenol. It must be from the bubbles.

So we take the truck to my inlaws so we can pick up our other car. That's when it dawns on me, our other car has no air conditioning. And Brenna has a fever!

We get in the car and start driving to the party. By then, we're going to be over an hour late. And even though it's September, it feels like a sauna because it's so hot. And no AC.
I look back at Brenna. Apparently, the tylenol didn't bring down her fever. She's limp as a noodle.

So after all that, we didn't go.

Well back to life as usual. Sunday seemed normal, except Brenna was still sick and miserable, and I too felt a little crummy. Probably from all that crummy stuff that happened over the last few days.

Monday I still felt crummy. It had been so hot the last few days, I dressed myself and my kids in summer clothes, which seemed perfectly appropriate as the sun was out that day. The day began with me taking Brenna (who had by now recovered) to the doctor for her check up and dun dun dun....shots.

Next was the grocery store. I stopped at Albertsons, then we went to Smiths. By then, it started to rain.
I was determined though because Smiths was having their caselot sales. We were there for like an hour because the place was so crouded!
By the time we were to check out, Brenna was crying because she was tired and her leg hurt from the shots. Hurry hurry! I said to the checkout guy in my head.

Well, he rings up the total, and guess what, my wallet is gone. GONE. Nowhere. I search and search frantically. All the people in the line behind me look at me like I'm such an idiot. They cancel my bill. I beg the bagger boy to watch my groceries while I scoure the store for my wallet. I grab my kids and start running all over. They both start crying. I take Kaylee out to the car to wait and it's pouring rain by now. I ask the person at the service booth like 5 times if anyone has brought in my wallet. I call my husband, who is supposed to be heading off for school. I ask him to come pay for the groceries. He tells me to look for it first. I did I want to say but can't. I hang up and start crying.

Finally, I decide to call Albertsons and ask if they have it. They did. Oh my goodness, that' s good but I'm still crying. The bagger boy promises to watch my groceries while I go get my wallet. He thinks I'm the most pathetic woman in the world I'm sure.
My husband calls me and offers to come, and has missed his class. I tell him no, it's ok, but GREAT now he's missed his class.

So I drive to Albertsons, waited 30 min in line at the service desk, got the wallet, then went back to Smiths. All the while both kids are crying. Hopefully the meat in the cart isn't bad.

Now here's the happy ending!

We made it home in one piece. Brenna went down for a nap. We ate food.

We laughed about everything the next day.

The moral of this story is....well...I'll let you know when I figure it out.

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