Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer highlight...camping!

I decided I would do "SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS" for those who would like to see what we did over the summer, here and there. I felt less overwhelmed by taking this approach.

This first highlight is from August, actually. We went camping with the Bringhursts, and also Tierney and Ron.
Here are pictures of the first night!

Cami and Brenna


Tierney! What a cutie. :)

Ron and Mark

Look at me, I'm not wearing makeup and I have a hat on. I'm a true camper! Ha!

Kaylee's 'camping shoes' that we bought at the DI. She was so proud of them.

Nate and Ryan banged these big branches onto a tree trunk to make firewood.

Kaylee's first roasted dog.


Nate melting plastic.

So the first night, we got rained on. Bad. Then Brenna got a bad case of diarrhea out of nowhere. Needless to say, no one really got much sleep. It was still raining most of the next day, so we had to go out to eat!

Tired people...

At the breakfast table.

We went and visited Bear Lake when it stopped raining...too bad we didn't get to swim much!

Kaylee still had SOOOO much fun!

Cami pulling Kaylee and Brenna in the inflatable boat.

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Niels and Kayla said...

I am already missing camping season. Oh and i must say the DI is the best place! Those are cute shoes Kaylee has, i would be proud of them too! haha I love being a true camper too, its so nice to not have to apply makeup while camping...relaxing!