Friday, April 1, 2011

Cute kids...the adorable things they do!


While eating: "I'm going to be full in 6 minutes."
To Brenna: "You coming, blondie?"
She loves gum. She will choose gum over candy and ice cream every time!
Kaylee came up to me with a map of the United States and wanted to learn the States. We've been working on the state song, and she knows about 30% of her states now!
Kaylee keeps us on track by reminding us to read scriptures with her every single night.
Before conference, Kaylee was able to match most of the apostles to the correct name!
She has been registered for Kindergarten. She is so excited!
She is very helpful with Ammon, including being able to pick him up under his arms and carry him.
Still won't go near a swing!


While saying prayer, "Beautiful day...go to da-da-da-Dora..."
Me: "Who stinks? Jakob, do you stink?" Brenna: "It's me."
Nate copying Brenna, then Brenna responds: "You're so funny."
Changes her clothes at least 3 times a day. She wears a princess dress or tutu probably 80% of the time!
Was brave when we went to the Dentist! We didn't have an appointment for her, but we had her get up in the chair, and she let them count her teeth with a smile on her face!
She cut her hair, I'm guessing 3 times now. When the girls were watching Tangled, Carissa cut her hair to even it out. She looked just like Rapunzel at the end, and was thrilled! Her haircut fits her personality so well!
She wants a bow in her hair at all times. When I put a bow in her hair, she does the 'head shake' test. If it is wobbly, she cries until someone fixes it!


Has 4 teeth; 1 on top, 3 on bottom
Measurements as of 3/31/11:

Length: 29.06 in. 63 %
Weight: 18lb. 7.5oz. 11%
Head Circ: 45.5 cm 46 %

At this appointment, he was found to be anemic, so he was started on poly vi sol with iron. Ammon has had 2 ear infections requiring antibiotics.
He now nurses just twice a day, supplementing with formula!
He does not like sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, or carrots, but loves zucchini, squash, broccoli, pears, bananas, apples, chicken, oatmeal, prunes, berries, watermelon, animal crackers, cheerios, and noodles.
He says 'dada' 'baba' and waves 'bye-bye' with his arm out, opening and closing his fist with his fist facing himself.
He is a very fast crawler.
He is still cruising around furniture, and is improving with his balance.
He'll take steps if you hold both of his hands and walk with him.
He has a little 'fake' cry that is a little whiny and much quieter than his real cry.
He loves destroying my laundry piles.
He hesitates when you tell him 'no no!'
Sometimes when he is really naughty, I spank him...he looks at me and just smiles and laughs!
Still loves the 'monkey' act: banging his hands on the table, the 'Oo Oo Oo' sound, etc.
Gets shy when someone he doesn't know smiles or talks to him. He looks down and turns his head with a little shy smile. It is adorable.


Cami Bringhurst said...

I just love those kids. They are the cutest kids on earth!

Cindy said...

Those kids are definitely adorable. I love each one of their personalities. They are so much fun and Sarah you are such a cute Mom!