Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sick Grandpa. May recap.

May came and went. I'm not sure why I could get in a blog entry...just not in the mood I suppose. I've been too busy playing with my ipad. ;) No that's what I WISH I was doing!

I went to physical therapy a couple of times for my knee, then stopped. I couldn't stand paying 30 bucks each time I went. It WAS very helpful, but I decided to be frugal and do some of the exercises at home.

On the 10th, I did activity days, and we did a 'picture yourself in the temple theme.' The girls brought a framed self protrait and we took a translucent photo of the temple and put it over the picture, making it so you could see the girl's face through the temple image. For the second May activity on the 24th, I wanted to take the girls to the temple grounds, but the Ogden temple is under extensive reconstruction, so instead we made paperbag scrapbooks. On each page, I glued a paper with different statements such as 'The type of person I want to be when I get married,' and 'What my wedding will be like,' and 'What type of man I want to marry,' etc. Then we took magazines and cut out words and pictures that described each statement. The books turned out SO cute.

I worked Sunday, May 15th, and when I woke up from sleeping the next day, my mom called me to tell me that my Grandpa Mecham had suffered a massive heart attack. Both mom and dad came out by plane, because it was uncertain as to whether or not Grandpa would survive his emergent open-heart surgery. I spent the rest of the day arranging to go down to Utah Valley hospital to see him. I took the kids to the Bringhursts and drove down with Allison, picking up Angela on the way. We were all so worried!

We arrived at the hospital around 6 PM, just in time to for the Physician to come out and give us the good news. Grandpa had done well in surgery! He require 6 bypass grafts. Mom and Dad arrived shortly after this.

I went in with my Mom to visit Grandpa in the ICU. I think he was on like 6 drips and was still intubated. He also had a SWAN catheter, 3 drainage tubes, and about every other tube one could imagine. What suprised me was that although I see patients in this condition all the time at work, it was just TERRIFYING when it was my Grandpa laying in that bed! My heart was in my throat the entire time. All I could do was just pray for him. He had such a good doctor and such a good nurse, I knew he would be taken care of.

On Thursday the 19th, it was Kaylee's preschool graduation. She had school that day, and I had worked the night before, and Nate had school that morning. I tried to wake myself up to get Kaylee to school by 9, but I felt like I'd rather die than get out of bed. Later, Kaylee's teacher called me, hoping Kaylee would make it to school because they were taking a class picture. I thought about it a moment, and then said no, sorry, it's just not happening today! I felt bad. When Kaylee got her school picture, it read at the bottom, "Absent: Kaylee Bringhurst." I promised myself I'd get her to her Kindergarten picture no matter what! Anyway, later that night was her graduation like I said. Since my mom and dad were in town, they were able to come! It was so cute. Kaylee was so loud when she said her part, "When I grow up, I want to be a hair stylist!" I was so proud! It made me feel so old, because now I'm going to have a Kindergartener! Crazy! Afterward, we went to Farr's in Clinton with my mom and dad.

On Saturday the 21st, I drove down with Kaylee and Ammon (Brenna was sick-ish) to visit Grandpa in the hospital again. It was amazing to see the difference! He was not requiring oxygen, was walking/talking just like good ol' Grandpa! He was a little tired, but considering he just had open heart 5 days before, it really was a miracle to me! He got to go home later that evening!

We met at a Chinese restaurant for lunch with my mom and dad. Carissa couldn't make it because she had been puking. I was hoping I'd be able to see my aunt Jennie since she had driven up from Arizona, but Ammon was really needing a nap, and Nate was really needing to study. My poor mom had been at my Grandpa's bedside non-stop and was ready to crash. What a week for her!

That very Saturday was the day I was supposed to run the Ogden marathon. It had been so rainy all week, so I was thinking I would feel better knowing that everyone was running in the freezing cold, but Saturday was actually perfect sunshine weather. Grrr! So my good friend Debby also had to forfeit her spot in the marathon due to an injury, so she had our family over for dinner so we could have a 'pity party' together. She has the cutest family, and they fed us well! Our kids were crying when we left because they were having so much fun! I couldn't think of a better way to spend my non-marathon day. :)

Tuesday the 24th was Kaylee's field trip to Lowe's. I couldn't imagine what they could possibly do with kids at Lowe's but to my suprise, they had the cutest little workshop! They lined all the kids around a few tables, gave them an apron, goggles, and a mini hammer. The kids hammered nails to put together little wooden toys. Kaylee's was a 'fortune teller' with a little wooden di in the middle. It was seriously the cutest thing ever! Ammon and Brenna came along. Brenna watched Kaylee and Ammon sat in the cart, entertaining himself the whole time!

On the weekend of the 28th, I worked 3 in a row. I don't think I've done that since before Brenna was born. In a way, it made work doable because I was in the groove and got the same patients back. Plus my sleeping was normalized, so I didn't 'hit the wall' nearly as hard as I normally do. But BOY was I ready to have some time off when it was over! I had a FULL week off after, and it took at least 3 days to fully recover from it.

I literally spent the next several days cleaning and getting ready for the big birthday bash for Brenna and Ammon. We made rainbow jello jigglers, purple cake pops with sprinkles, icecream cone cake pops, peanut butter brownie bites, and rainbow cupcakes, all to go along with the candyland theme. I got out the gameboard to make sure we had all the appropriate 'landscape titles.' You know, like 'Lollipop woods,' 'Icecream slopes,' 'Chocolate mountain,' 'Licorice Lagoon,' 'Cupcake commons,' 'Gummi Valley,' etc. Brenna kept saying, "Mom, these are for my party? I'm so excited for my party!"

This is Kaylee, helping me make cake pops! Ammon also wanted to 'help.'

How could I be angry at that face?

On Thursday, June 2nd, it was Grandma's setting apart for her Church History mission. It was very nice. I was able to record her testimony, which I think will be a treasure for generations to come. She is so excited about this mission, and she has been busy as a bee getting ready for it! She left permanently Saturday night, and peeked her head in while we were having a party to say one last final goodbye.

Also, this happened:


Walked in to this precious moment. :)

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