Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy busy week!

This week was quite hectic. Work, called in sick for my bonus shift, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support recertification, a princess birthday party for Kaylee's friend Caprice, Jessica Thurgood's baby shower, Brenna and Ammon's Dr. appointment including shots, and feeling sick on top of it. BUT guess what? I made it. I was supposed to work 3 in a row over the weekend, and {lucky me} I got called off Sunday night!

I missed all the Syracuse Heritage Days activities because of work, but Cami took the girls to the park and they enjoyed all the rides.

Then they went w the Bringhursts to the fireworks that night and spent the night. They also went to church with them the next morning. They didn't have the heart to take off Kaylee's face painting and Brenna's arm painting for church! {chuckles} Since I got called off, we all went over to the Bringhursts for Sunday dinner. I was bummed I slept through my meetings...if I had known I was getting called off, I would have sucked it up and gone without sleep. It's always somewhat doable knowing you're going to get sleep later that night. Anyway, it was really nice to just relax and spend time w the fam. I took a walk with the kids to the park near their house. We raced down the hills and tried to get Ammon to walk. I absolutely loved that extra time w them! Later that night, Ammon took his first steps. He was walking across the room between Nate and I. He was so proud! He put his fists way up in the air and waved at me as he was approaching. And then of course, much giggling.

The next night I did work. But it was ok. I felt refreshed. I spent Tues. getting ready for our week-long trip to Colorado. I also had activity days that night. We went to an assisted-living home to hand out 4th of July pens. The girls LOVED it! They asked if we could come back some time! The old people there enjoyed it just as much, I think.

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Tina said...

Sarah, Sarah, you are quite the busy woman!!! And you are receiving blessings in heaven for working your butt off with those graveyards. I feel for you. I really do! You are a trooper. I don't know how you do it!