Thursday, August 18, 2011

Halfway through August

I would like to begin this post with random cuteness:

Sweet Boy!

Monday, August 1st was Kaylee's Kindergarten testing. She knew all her letters, sounds, and could even read most words they showed her. She passed with flying colors! I was so proud of her! I was also very proud that she didn't seem to be shy at all! I remember being very shy at her age. I think preschool has really helped with that.

Tuesday August 2nd was Kaylee's first day of school!!!

Brenna insisting that I take a picture of her too. :)

I slept until about 11 which is what I normally do on the days that I work. Kaylee was literally leaping around the house saying, "I'm so excited! It's my first day of school! I'm so excited!" Brenna caught on quickly. I told her that of course, she could come with us to drop Kaylee off.

Since Bluffridge elementary is right across the street from our neighborhood, the 3 of us walked. (Ammon was taking a nap and Nate was home studying) The girls played on the playground waiting for the bell. Jodi Carlson was there with Tommy, and I visited with her for a while. Then Mandi Hall from school showed up, dropping off one of her daycare kids. It was so great to see her after all these years!

When the bell rang, all the kids line up behind their teachers and walk inside together. They have an adult that watches the playground for about 10 min before class starts, so you can just drop them off. The playground is exclusively for Kindergarteners, gated and everything. They have a separate one for the bigger kids. I felt very safe having her there. Her teacher is very organized and efficient. I love that. I think Kaylee will thrive in this class!

The girls love having Jakey over to play!

On August 3rd, we had a girls night. Pizza, cookies, and other junk food. I had invited Mandy, but later found out she had something come up. Ang, Carissa, and Allison came! We talked and ate, and ate and talked. Our favorite!

I worked the 6th, 7th, and 9th. Originally I had planned it that way in case we needed to fly out of state for a week looking for a new apartment or something. Plus our anniversary was that week. We weren't to that point yet, so I had a good solid week off! It was good to get caught up on household stuff. Nate helped the Houser family move on the 10th, and we brought dinner over for them later that night. Kaylee is pregnant, and I felt so bad they didn't have more help! They moved to Layton from Ogden, and their new apartments are so nice! We let the kids play together at the complex park for awhile. The next morning I picked up Remy and Selene so Kaylee could unpack.  4 girls and 1 boy...good thing they are having a boy next! Poor Ammon! The girls  love it when friends come to play. I haven't gotten to know Selene very much since we haven't lived close, so it was so fun getting to know her sweet personality. She is an absolute doll! And she talks like a 3 year old!

August 12th was our anniversary. We went to eat at the infamous Red Iguana. It was yummy! A lot of their 'mole' recipes included nuts though, so I couldn't get any. I was sad. What I did get was delicious, and Nate said he liked it even more than his mole! Afterward, we went to the Gateway for some window shopping. We played around at the apple store, then I bought some clothes. Nate looked at always, and didn't buy always. It was so relaxing. It's just what we always do. Something we did all the time when we were dating.

We got some icecream from Baskin Robins on the way out. We ran into Chad and Jill Parks and their kids on our way out. I finally got to see their new baby. She is a doll! SO tiny! Definitely looks like a little Parks baby! It was fun chatting with them. I don't think I've seen them since Nate's birthday party last year.

On the way home we got a couple of treats from and Italian ice place (double special occasion calls for double desserts, right?) I had never had anything like it...Italian ice mixed with custard! I love it! I'm drooling just typing this entry!

It's always bitter sweet picking up our dear children. I always miss them so much, but then I also miss time alone with Nate. I don't realize how much I miss it until it happens. It makes me remember how much I really like and love him! pictures. I think a truly enjoyable day in Nate's eyes involves the ABSENCE of picture taking. Oh well, neither of us have changed anyway, we're still just a couple of drop-dead gorgeous people!

Dad arrived the next day, Saturday the 13th. We were expecting him for dinner, so I made enchiladas and we all met at Allison's, including Angela. Dad forgot his passport so didn't end up arriving until after we left. Sad! At least there was enough enchilada for him when he arrived.

The girls LOVE the excitement of present-opening!

Sunday, we had a mini pre-birthday party for Camilla since Mark and Cindy were going to be gone. GOOD TIMES as always.

Dad came over to hang out during the day on Monday. We watched the Tokyo Anthony Bourdaine episode, getting into 'Japanese' mode since he was going there with Kirk. I'll admit, it made me want to go too, just to taste the food! We got Dad stocked up with plenty of DVDs to watch on the long plane ride over.

We had a BBQ with the Housers Monday night, the 15th. Lots of turkey burgers and elk stakes! It's so fun having them living closer! And Kaylee gave me all this stuff...NICE stuff. Not junk. It felt like Christmas! Not that I should be taking on more stuff...we will probably need to condense for our next move!

On Wednesday, August 17th, it was Camilla Lois' birthday. We brought Cami some flowers at glad we chose flowers vs balloons because when we got there she had enough to last a lifetime! When she got off work, we went to eat at Marie Calenders. Yum. They brought out free pie for Kaylee and Brenna. I was expecting very small, child-portion sized pie, but I was shocked that the slices they got were big enough for two adults! Kaylee chose chocolate cream, and Brenna chose strawberry. They looked so yummy. If only I hadn't entered a binding contract with Allison not to have sugar for a month a few days before!

Happy birthday to Cami...I LOVE THAT GIRL!

Now for some random cuteness from Brenna:

On the 18th, we had a pizza picnic in the park with all my girlfriends from school. Whitney, Kasie, Megan, Kami, Haylee, Mekell, and Shannon were there. Kasie and Haylee have little girls a little younger than Ammon, Megan has a boy and a girl, Kami has 2 girls, and then my kids. Whitney didn't bring her boys. It was perfect to have it at West Point park because the kids just ran wild on the playground! It always feels like it doesn't last long enough. I wish life allowed for more girls nights!

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The last picture of Brenna looks so much like Kaylee. I'm glad you are making posts even short ones...