Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Classic Race...10K

Today I ran my very first official, non-muddy race. The Classic Race. It was a 10K, meaning a little over 6 miles. I only had to pay $15 since I'm an employee at Intermountain; the official sponsors of the race. The purpose of running this race was to promote HEARTS. Heart health, research in cardiac research, etc. So it was a great cause. I admit I was a little nervous. I told Nate he didn't have to come, because it was early, and Ammon hadn't been feeling the greatest. I've run as far as 20 miles before, so I didn't feel like this was a big deal.

I was grateful to see Lisa and Kristen before it started! I also saw a few other Doctors and nurses that I work with at the starting line.

When the race started, I was amazed at the adrenaline rush. I knew I was running too fast to last! It was weird, this competitive side of me came out. I did NOT want people passing me! In fact I really wanted to pass everyone really badly! The first half of the race was uphill, and after mile 2, I was getting tired! That happens when you sprint in the beginning!

I kept pushing myself as hard as I could. I felt like my legs were going to give out. At mile 3, I reached the top of the hill. I didn't know if I could go on! Right at that moment, I saw Nate and Ammon. I got a lump in my throat! It meant SO much to me to see them there cheering for me! How did he know I would need to see him in that very spot so that I could carry on?

I felt my second wind after seeing them. I was even able to pick up my pace. I even passed 4 or 5 more people. I felt really good! The rest of the race was down hill, and I knew I would make it!

At about mile 4, I decided just to wet my mouth with some water. As soon as that sip of water hit my gut, I WAS GOING TO HURL. I was going to throw up! There was nothing I could do about it! I was going to have to stop and throw up! No! I would lose so much time if that happened! The only thing I could do was pray. I prayed that I would NOT throw up. I prayed with all my might. And the very instant I uttered that quick 6 word prayer, the urge subsided. I still felt nauseous, but I could still run. What a tender mercy from my Heavenly Father right there in my small little race.

I kept running. I didn't let myself stop. I crossed the finish line at about 51:17. I was SHOCKED! And there was Nate. I realized at that moment that Nate has always always been there for me when I needed him; ALWAYS. I was so grateful he was there to share my personal victory!

I looked at my name on the list just for fun. I placed 20th overall for women and 3rd overall for my age group! There was a star by my name! I turned to Nate and said, "Nate, there's a star by my name! Do you think I get a prize?" We were both laughing!

Sure enough, I got a bronze metal! Amazing! Who woulda thunk?

Here are some pictures:

I got there way early...
so I was a little bored waiting...
Race number
Race chip

Me and Lisa before the race!

Me 'n Kristen <3

Mark and Kristen

Me pretending I'm cool haha
Me getting my Bronze on

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