Saturday, October 22, 2011


At Bluffridge Elementary, they didn't have a Halloween party during school. Instead, they had a community 'Halloween Boo-nanza' at Clearfield Aquatic center. They had a parade...which was a little disappointing because it turned out to be just a tour of the aquatic center and all the ways you can spend your money on the festivities. Oh well. The kids went through the 'Haunted Aquarium,' and aside from Brenna flipping out at the sight of a remote-control shark, they had a lot of fun! Plus it was the first time of the season that they dressed up in their costumes!


Waiting in line with Dad...

We were actually REALLY impressed with how decorated the place was. It looked AWESOME!

Brenna the U of U Cheerleader!

Kaylee was Jessie, the yodelin' cowgirl!

Ammon was a duck. He LOVED this costume! He begged to wear it every day after today!

After the festivities, we went to the Scott's home to watch the Ute game. They fed us yummy food and the kids played with theirs. So fun to see them, it had been waaaaayyyy too long!

These pictures are of the girls while we were waiting on the porch for the Scott's to get home!

Kaylee took this picture of me. I was so impressed!

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