Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 miracles.

I feel like I should document some of the miracles that have happened since I left for Pittsburgh.

Miracle #1: The Friday before we left, we were able to get antibiotics for Ammon before going off insurance.
Ammon is very prone to ear infections. He had been teething and runny nose all the while we were packing up to move out. It went on for 3 days, and even though things were totally hectic, I decided to take him in to the doctor to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. It was a DOUBLE ear infection. He perked up the next day. I can't imagine how it would have been taking him on a flight with a double ear infection! It would have needed to be treated eventually, and in Pittsburgh we were going to be starting out with no insurance for a while. What a blessing!

Miracle #2: I worked while my family was driving to Pittsburgh.
We had purchased an airline ticket at discount at the beginning of the year. Nate had already used his to fly out and find us a place to live. The ticket had to be used by the end of the year or it was void. $100 down the drain. So WHY NOT? I worked Saturday and Sunday night and then flew out Tuesday. My right eye was twitching for literally 5 days before I left...and actually stopped 2 days after arriving. Clearly it was from stress! I would have passed away I think if I added a 3 day road trip to all that I was already going through. What a blessing. The biggest blessing of all was that Nate's whole family were there to assist him!

Miracle #3: I did not have to wait on stand-by.
The airline ticket I purchased was a buddy pass. That means you only get on a flight if there are seats available. The first flight was easy to get on...Darin had looked at it before and knew there would be no problem.

Here we are waiting in the terminal. Anxious to be reunited with the rest of our clan! We missed them so much!

 He even had his own seat on the plane! He was very proud.
The flight from Atlanta, however, was a little bit different. The flight was booked. Darin called and gave me updates...it was going to be close if I made it at all. As I looked at the 'waiting list,' I could see that there were 5 others besides me waiting on stand-by...and I was lowest priority, meaning, the bottom of the list. Darin had told me there were 2 available seats. I just couldn't see how I was going to make it on the plane. I even called Nate and told him not to count on picking me up that night, that it would probably be much later.  Ammon was restless. He was acting like a wild monkey. I was tired. I knew if we stayed at the airport, neither of us would sleep.
I decided to pray. I asked that I would get on this plane. Please. When I finished, I was full of hope. People were boarding the plane. I watched the list...no changes. The second group boarded. Suddenly, my name was on the cleared list! I looked down at my phone, and it was a text from Darin saying that 5 or 6 people would not be there because their previous flight was late! I had a seat!!! Before I knew it I was on the plane sitting next to another woman with a baby. Ammon and I both slept the entire flight. A coincidence? No way.

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