Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5 more miracles.

Miracle #1: The printer worked.
There were a few of our possessions that were destroyed on the trip. We were sure the printer was on the list. Nate messed around with it for a good half hour. I think every adult took a turn trying to get it to work. No matter what anyone did, it wouldn't turn on! It was done for. Bummer! Since the whole 'asking for help' thing had been working for me lately, I decided to pray about the printer, too. The moment I finished my prayer, I tried turning it on...nothing. I checked all the cords. Everything was plugged in properly! Or, it wasn't the cord had two components, and one end was plugged into the computer, the other into the printer. The way the cords were wrapped, it was difficult to tell that this was the case. I plugged the two together and voila! Printer!!

Miracle #2: The router worked, too.
We had a Comcast guy come and set up internet. There was some issue with our modem...something about the registration...and the inventory...anyway, they loaned us one of there's, and since then I've probably been on the phone 5 times with 30 different people trying to figure it out! On top of it, when we plugged in the router, not only did it not send internet to the laptop/ipad, it shut down internet access all together. Nate and I both tried multiple times. One night, I was determined to figure it out. It was too hard sharing the slow-as-a-turtle-old-as-a-dinosaur desktop computer with all that we needed to have done. I got out the 'how to' pamphlet and the accompanying software. I was at it for a good hour when I decided to pray for help. Another hour later, the router was working. Don't even ask me how it happened, I just know it did. It was miraculous. I think by then it was so late, I was delirious!

Miracle #3: I found Sam's Club. (Liz, don't laugh!)
The Giant Eagle grocery store that seems to be monopolizing all of Pittsburgh was giving me a lot of anxiety about living here. The prices were outrageous compared to what I am used to! $1.99 for a head of iceburg lettuce? $3.29/lb. for really crappy tomatoes? $3.69 for a gallon of milk? (Actually, that milk price is pretty universal around here from what I've seen) I am a pretty experienced couponer, but under the circumstances, I didn't have the resources OR know-how to do a coupon run here in Pittsburgh. All I knew is that we were in desperate need of provisions and I wanted to go to Sam's! I knew if I could just find a Sam's club, I could stock up and rest at ease.
I got in the car with all 3 kids. Got out the GPS from Brian and Alisha that I had never before attempted to use. To begin with, I could not figure out how to get the thing to stop thinking I was in California! (That's where they used it before) I said a silent prayer. Suddenly, Star started giving me directions! (Star is the name the kids and I decided to give her...the brand is Nextar) WAHOO! I was a nervous wreck, but I was doing it! Driving all over the maze that is called Pittsburgh!
Suddenly, star said, "Your destination is on the left." I looked to the, nothing but trees. Nothing at all! About a half mile later there was a store called 'Super Saver.' I was so bummed! Where was I even? Did the GPS totally malfunction? I parked and told the kids were were getting out.
Wait. No. I came out here to find a Sam's. I'm going to keep looking. I drove back to the road we came on and decided to go a little further. About a mile later, there it was! On the top of the hill! Sam's! It was then that I realized that for the address I had typed 3261 instead of 3621. So the error was made by me, not the GPS! We got our food and returned home all in one piece. It was a miracle.

Miracle #4: The mailman doesn't pick up mail, just drops it off.
I haven't asked any locals about this don't quote me on it...but it seems as though the mailman only drops off mail. He doesn't collect it. He parks at the end of the street and walks down, delivering mail from house to house. We were wondering what that box on the house was for. And wondered why nobody had a mailbox in front of their house.
Right when we got here, I filled out my application for a Pennsylvania Nursing license and put it in an envelope along with the $100 fee. I decided not to apply for a temporary license, figuring it couldn't really take that long to process my application, plus it would cost me another $35. No thanks. I wasn't really planning on working soon anyway.
However, my license sat in that mailbox for 2 days.
Nate and I reminded each other to drop it off on Saturday, but we both forgot.
I started to think about working. We prayed about it. I started to feel like maybe I should look for a job.Ugh. Why? I had felt so good about just staying home.
That night, I started looking at jobs online. I came across a per diem job that I could do from home...hmm, interesting! I applied. Man, I really needed to get that application SENT! ASAP! Especially if I was going to work soon!
Sunday came, and we both forgot! AGAIN!
Finally it was Monday. TOP priority to get that puppy in a mailbox. Any mailbox! Before I left, I was looking at the licensing website online and realized it would take a long, long, long time before my application would be processed; weeks, even months. I needed a temporary license if I needed to work soon.
Before I left, I changed the form and added my $35. I dropped it in the mail on the way to the grocery store. SUCH a miracle I was able to make that change.

Miracle #5: Ammon stopped throwing up.
The next day, Tuesday, I found Ammon in his crib covered with puke. Something he ate? Gave him a bath, got him dressed, gave him a bottle, and he drank it down.
Then he threw up all over the dining table.
I changed him into pajamas and informed Nate I would not be going with him to get our drivers licenses changed. Then he threw up all over the floor. Then a fever.
Yikes! Poor boy! I spent a lot of the day holding the sickly child. I decided to have a teaching moment with the girls. We all knelt down in front of Ammon (who was passed out on the couch). I said, "Whoever says the prayer, remember to ask Heavenly Father to help Ammon to feel better." Kaylee volunteered and gave the sweetest prayer using those exact words. I told them to have faith that Heavenly Father can make Ammon better.
When Ammon woke up, he was still feverish and cuddly. He didn't want food. He did have a little water. I admit, I was nervous! I continued to hold him. Later on, he had some milk. Then a little later, some yogurt. Couple hours later, he was begging me for crackers and more milk. No throwing up!
When I put him to bed, he still wasn't quite himself, but at least he was keeping everything down. We thanked Heavenly Father for yet another miracle in our home. The very next day he was symptom free.


The Sweet Petes said...

From someone who was as confused due to the mail system out in this region, let me share what we found out. The mail man will only pick up your mail if you put it in the mailbox and have it sticking up vertical or have part of it sticking out of the mailbox, rather than in just the normal placement. I hope that makes sense! It sure helped us once we figured that out;o)

MomB said...

Sarah, I'm sure glad you have faith and a sense of humor. You are such a good mom and I'm so glad you can be home with the kids or the kids would have had a harder time with this move. Keep up the good work!

Lizzie said...

Sarah you amaze me! What a wonderful mother you are. Your sweet kiddos will be so blessed to have such a strong and faithful mother for an example. I hope a little of that can rub off on me while we live so close together. Love these stories.