Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finishing off November with a BANG!

 So this week...UGH! That's what I have to say! 
On Monday, I had my interview. This was the job I applied for that would allow me to work from home. The disadvantage of hiring me I suppose is that I've never worked in home care. But the interview went really well, so I was confident I would get it! She told me I would hear by the end of the week if I got it. Well, the end came and went and no phone call. Bummer.

Also on Monday, for family home evening, we made a whole bunch of peanut butter bars and took them to neighbors. We gave them a magnet with me and Nate's cell numbers and told them to call if they needed anything. It turns out we have quite a few young people around us! Some of them have young children, mostly babies! I was surprised by that! But I am very excited to get to know them better!

Nate didn't come with us because he was working late. It was dark, and one of the last houses we walked up to gave me a bad feeling. Kaylee even looked in through the window and said, "Mom, look at this house! Its really SCARY!!!" As the bad feeling in my gut got stronger, I hurried the children to a house across the street. When we were done there, I quickly got us all inside and locked all the doors. We still had a couple more plates to hand out, but I figured we had done enough for tonight. We could do more when Nate could join us. I wasn't feeling the greatest anyway...

And later that night, it hit me. BAM. Fever, chills, sore throat. All night.
The next day (Tuesday) Nate stayed home. I was useless. Sick as a dog! I did however manage to take these pictures of our home! 

This is the view from a few of our windows:

 This is the inside. And look, no boxes! We're all moved in! Lots of decorating to do though! ;)
And notice my poor tree with exactly 3 ornaments on them. As I was getting out the tree last week, I noticed I was missing ONE box...the one with all the ornaments in them. I was crying! I MADE those ornaments last year! I put hours into them! Cindy picked up the box from Alisha and sent them, bless her HEART! I can't wait for them to arrive!

(Rugs courtesy of Aunt Kay and Uncle Bill...THANK YOU we love them!)

The view from the office chair. Front window. This beautiful blue car is also eye candy. It's there all the time.

 I also took this picture of Brenna. Notice she has here purple blanket. You see, her purple blanket is her comfort object. She carries it around with her everywhere in the house since we moved here. Before that, she only needed it at night time. Kaylee is the same way with her trusty Ellie the Elephant! Every time I go down into the basement, both children start calling out my name in shear panic! They think I've left them alone! Ammon has even learned to chime in, "Maaaa! Maaaa!" (though he's not sure why). This is why it is a blessing I've been able to stay home with them at all times. Especially since Nate has been gone working all day until late. Poor insecure children!

I decided instead of doing a 'boy' and a 'girl' room, I'd have them all sleep together in one room and put all the toys in another. They love it! And so do I! I just shut the door on the big mess! Haha! Ammon doesn't seem to mind sharing with the least so far...

On Tuesday night, I was still fevering! I was no better! So on Wednesday, I mustered the strength to at least do something holiday-ish with the kiddos. We made a Christmas tree count down chain! They had a lot of fun doing it!
Yeah, Ammon has a lot of interesting expressions!

Notice Ammon's lack of pants. This is not from a lack of me putting them on...the poor boy is just too little, they always fall!


Kaylee said...

The house looks great and I love the wood floors! Getting those dang boxes out makes the biggest difference! I'm so sad we won't get to do gingerbread houses w/ you guys this year :(

Tina said...

What a nice home you have! I am excited for your adventures to come. When we moved away from Utah, it was a bigger adjustment for our kids than I thought it would be. My advice is to get really involved in the community and church activities, get to know others, and make the ward members your new family. Oh, and Skype often with grandma and grandpa-technology is such a blessing :)

KayLynn said...

Wow, your house looks great! I'm glad that you could use the rugs. I love all the old buildings and especially Kaylee's school. There is such history in there. Do you know how old it is? Keep up the blogging. Take Care!

Allison and Darin said...

I'm so homesick I could cry. All that furniture just looks beautiful on that hardwood floor! You're already unpacked??? Holy cow! I guess time has passed... I miss you guys so much. I always have to think again when I want to drive over there! Those sweet babies. I am so glad they have each other and their mommy during this transition! Miss you guys. Always.