Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2012

A few days before Christmas, the girls and I made a whole bunch of glittery star ornaments. We painted our hearts out!

On Christmas Eve, we all went and visited the local mental health hospital (I didn't know that until we got there...I thought it was a regular nursing home). There we handed out the handmade ornaments. The girls couldn't stop talking about it. It was a wonderful family activity.

(I know this is off the subject, but notice how the girls are both wearing stripes. They wanted to look like candy canes for Christmas! SO cute.)

Afterward, we went to a large Nativity Scene in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh. It was beautiful! It reminded me of the feeling at temple square. Very peaceful. We were pretty much the only ones there.

Ammon's nose turned really red. That was our cue to go home. :)
Once we got home we made gingerbread houses from the kits Grandma Cindy sent us. Ammon didn't actually make one...he stomped around the house in Brenna's pink boots! (As usual) We also decorated gingerbread men and had hot chocolate. For dinner, grilled cheese and tomato soup! Perfect for a very cold Christmas Eve. Even though there wasn't an ounce of snow.
Then we read the Nativity story from Luke. The girls were giggling non-stop at the pretend pregnant belly!

Afterward we Skyped the Grandparents. LOTS of gifts to open! The tree looked bare when we were done!

Here's Kaylee with the book that has an audio recording of Grandma and Grandpa B. reading to them!

Here's a pile of all of our precious crap that we got.

Cindy made red nightgowns for all the girls with zebra robes! The guys got zebra pants. Too bad Ammon's pants wouldn't stay on!

Here's Nate playing with his Christmas present for the next 2 years...his Iphone 4! Hehehe just kidding Nate!

What a beautiful mess. I love Christmas!


Anonymous said...

THanks for sharing...very nice!

Cindy-Mom-Grandma said...

Anonymous is Cindy/Mom/Gma. I don't know why the name url didn't work. I love the photos!