Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas tree photo shoot

I'm sick again. Yuck. The kids got colds after I did, and I think it mutated and now I have it again. It's not AS bad this time around, but annoying nevertheless.
Last night we had my new friend Katherine Pentz over for dinner. We had enchiladas. Katherine made some yummy yogurt bread with a lime glaze WOW! 
During our visit, we got a call from the stake presidency. They wanted to meet with us the next day. We agreed to it. 

So today we met with Brother Dwight Ferguson from the Stake. YEP! Nate has been called to be 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric! He was set apart about 2 hours after we found out. In the blessing, he was promised with the ability to balance work, family, and calling, as all of these could take all of his time. Also blessed with temporal necessities.  He blessed both of us with the ability to make big decisions. 
I know Nate will do a great job. It's kinda convenient he has experience in a previous bishopric in an inner-city ward. I think he has been prepared for the task. I feel very blessed today. 

After church I took some pictures of the kids in their Sunday best in front of the tree. My mom wants to put their pictures in ornaments for her tree...and it's a good thing because I might have forgotten to do it! I've done it every year, so yay for an excuse to do it again! Enjoy.

If he's going to play with Barbies, at least it's the boy Barbie, right?

Hope everyone enjoys the last week before CHRISTMAS!!! I can't wait!!!

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Cindy-Mom-Grandma said...

Oh, they are so cute. I miss them so much and need a good squeeze. I'm so glad you are home with them Sarah!