Saturday, February 18, 2012

Heinz History Museum

Saturday! The kids have been taking turns coming down with fevers. Today was Ammon’s turn. We decided to go to the Heinz history museum anyway. I gave him some drugs, and he perked up. I feel so bad for Cindy. When she arrived she was getting over an illness, then as the week went on the kids got sick! Not exactly a fun vacation for her, taking care of all these sick kids while I'm at work!

BUT, it was a GORGEOUS day! The museum is downtown, and the city was so pretty. We didn’t see all of the museum because the kids got pretty bored. But they had a really big sports section that I know Nate would have loved. There was an area where you could practice throwing a football. Cindy picked one up and got it right in the hole the first time! Ammon loved the footballs. He kept saying, “Ball!!! Ball! Whoa. Whoa.” He also liked the helmets and big shoes. A lot. The girls really liked the Heinz ketchup section. My favorite was learning about all of the historical sister nurses. There was a shining metal bedpan that was like totally awesome.
I texted a couple of old friends today. It is strange how living out of state makes it so easy to grow apart from everyone. It’s weird to know that life goes on while I’m not there. What’s it going to be like when we go back?

I still love dressing up. I'll take every chance I get!

Ammon loved the choo-choo

So silly.

Showcasing the Steeler garb ride
This was the best one we could get of Ammon as a hockey player. He was scared.

Ammon's favorite exhibit..."FOOT! BALL!!"

This is my foot.

Check out these snazzy nurse uniforms.

Check out the bed pan.

I wish I could have lived in an era where I could wear dresses like this. I wanted to try one on.

My children really love ketchup.

I need to remember this.

Oh my. Nate got a kick out of this picture.

Pretend Heinz cafe

What a fun day with Grandma!

 Later that night I picked up Nate from the airport. I was SO happy to see him! It felt so good to hug him. It was like I was seeing him for the very first time. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I saw him! The perfect end to a crazy week. I am so grateful I wasn't all alone while he was out of town. Thank you, Cindy!
 The kids really missed Daddy, too. They couldn't get enough of him. :)

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Cindy/Mom/Gramma said...

Great blog Sarah. They were so glad to see their Daddy! I loved the trip. The sickness made them more cuddly.