Monday, March 19, 2012

Church and FHE

I am blessed that every morning I wake up is another chance at life. One thing that is somewhat discouraging about life is realizing just how mortal we are. So far from perfect. I am grateful for the experiences that cause me to be humble. When you are humbled, the only way you can look is up!

And you know, the sun has come to Pittsburgh! The days are getting longer. We take walks a lot. It's warm! You don't even need a jacket!

Yesterday was another Sunday. Mornings are a little scary at our house on Sunday, especially when we have church at 9 AM. Nate has meetings starting at 7 AM so I fend for myself getting all 4 of us ready and out the door! It is wild.

This picture really expresses how I feel about Sunday mornings.

This is the view we get on our way to our church in Oakland.

 Here is our chapel. There is even a parking lot. You have NO idea how rare parking lots are in the city!

The theme of sacrament meeting was honesty. Becoming completely honest. Having integrity. I think having integrity is something that has to become part of our personality. It is expressed in all our behavior. I want to be honest. Because when you are completely honest, your heart is pure. You speak no guile. That is the person I want to be. One more thing for me to work on!

I am still getting used to sitting by myself at church. It's cute though, every time one of the kids catch Nate looking at them from the stand, they start waving. Ammon always yells out, "Daddy. Daddy." right in the middle of the sacrament. He also tries to run up to him. He also enjoys climbing under the benches several rows back. I'm sure people wish I could control my children. To tell you the truth, so do I!

On the way home, Ammon fell fast asleep. Usually when I carry him into the house, he wakes right up. But this time, he stayed asleep. I shouldn't be surprised the way he was bouncing off the walls during sacrament.

Last night we had the missionaries, the Westover family, and my friend Katherine Pentz over for dinner. We had a big pot roast (2 actually). I just love our ward family! It helps fill the void of having our actual family over the way we used to! (We did skype, but it's just not the same.) I think anyone can be as lonely as they choose to be! Plus our missionaries are great. They always have a lesson. Last night they even had a cool activity for all the kids.

My knee still gets swollen if I do anything more strenuous than walking. So I have been walking a lot. I can still get in a good workout when I walk up the steep hills in our neighborhood. I forgot how much I miss being outdoors in the morning. It just clears my head.. I would like to run again though. I still want to run a marathon someday. Maybe if I train slowly enough I will be able to. Last night Katherine said she would like to start running with me. Hopefully this week!

Today has been a blogging day. I am still recovering from a sore throat. I love days like this, though. Free of any real obligations.

On a side note, Kaylee just told me that cupid hit her with his arrow and made her fall in love with her friend, Declan. She's in kindergarten! She is too young to have a crush, isn't she?

Tonight for FHE we made paper Easter eggs garland and got out all the Easter stuff. The kids had a blast. Kaylee says Easter is her favorite holiday.


Cami Bringhurst said...

Cute Pictures! I love the sleeping Ammon! I also rememeber the reason that Kaylee loves Easter. I will never forget it. She told me it was because every egg has a surprise!

Cindy/Mom/Gramma said...

That AMmon is getting so big. I love all the Easter eggs and glasses. You do such fun things...