Monday, March 26, 2012

March Miscellaneous

 I wish I had better quality of camera on my ipad. This is one of my favorite pictures of my two boys!

This month, Ammon has gone through a 'pink boots' phase. He wears these boots every day. 

Today Nate heard about a 'bag' sale going on at the Library. You take a bag, and whatever you can fit in there is $6. We thought it would be pretty picked over, but LOOK! We were there as long as Ammon could stand rummaging through hundreds of books. We actually found some really good ones. A steal!

 Here are the miscellaneous of March.

 Ammon's new favorite trick is climbing onto the table when I'm not looking and reeking havoc. Stinker!

'Jasmine' hair!

 It is just fun living in the city. It's not a HUGE city as far as big cities go, but it is big to us little Utah people!

Pittsburgh has so much personality. It's photogenic from every angle!

This is less than photogenic, but it's work, and I already have a lot of fond memories at this place.

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