Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kirtland, Ohio

Today we decided to take the 2 hour car drive to Kirtland to see the Church History sites there. Grandma remembered to pack some entertainment for the kids. All of Ammon's stickers ended up on his face!
First stop: the Newel K. Whitney store!

Apparently, the Whitney store was a gathering place for the town. The Whitney family were very wealthy, but kind to everyone. They even put the stove out in the middle of the store to warm the customers instead of behind the counter to warm themselves. It was awesome to hear all the stories about them!

This room was where Joseph received revelation for several of the sections in the Doctrine and Covenants, as well as the work of translation.

This room is where they held the 'school of the prophets.' This is the room where the men smoked, prompting Joseph to inquire of the Lord concerning the matter. The beginning of the Word of Wisdom!

This was the room that Joseph, Emma, and their two adopted children lived. It was in this room that Emma lost their first children; twins. I think the bed was original too? Can't remember.

 The store kitchen, also the kitchen used by Emma Smith.

This is the Whitney home. Yellow was an expensive color to buy back then...further evidence of their wealth!

They turned the Johnson hotel into a visitor center.

The ashery...the Whitney family 'cash cow' 
The sister missionaries said that President Hinckley actually sawed a log with this machine when he came to visit!

 They did a lot of the detailed work for the temple here as well.

Next stop, the Kirtland temple. I can't express how AMAZING it was to be in that temple!


We decided to take the 40 minute trip to Hiram, OH to see the Johnson family farm. It was worth it! My favorite part of the trip actually!

 There was a lot of fancy woodwork and color...Sister Johnson really loved color I guess!
The Johnson's were very industrious people!

This is the staircase that Joseph Smith used to get to his room in the Johnson's house!

Formal living room with a big Ol' bible in the middle!

This is where Joseph Smith sat and translated, as well as received revelation for sections in the Doctrine and Covenants. He also had a vision here where he saw God the Father and the Son.

A very special room. It was humbling to be there!

This is the porch where Joseph stood and gave a sermon the morning after he was tarred and feathered. It is the ACTUAL stone that he stood on!

The Johnson's gave Joseph's family their very nicest room to sleep in.
It was from this room he was dragged by his ankles into the street where he was tarred and feathered.

I was so grateful to go on this trip! It was so awesome! Very humbling. I highly recommend it. If you go to Kirtland, DEFINITELY go to Hiram to see the Johnson farm!


Cindy said...

Thanks for taking us that was just so neat. I just loved being there with you guys.

Tigersue said...

Thanks for sharing, so those of us that will probably never be able to step in places of history can be there vicariously through you.