Friday, March 16, 2012

Bike riding=bleh

I really wish I could say this was a positive experience. I was trying SO hard to be a good mom. I put all their bikes in the car so they could ride them around on pavement. (Our street is on a hill) I would say Brenna was crying 80% of the time, and Ammon was crying 70% of the time. In between those moments were some smiles, so I guess it was worth it...??? The bathrooms were all locked and Ammon was angry that he could run wild into the street. Not attempting that again any time soon. 
 He was trying SO hard to get through that fence!

Here's Kaylee trying to have fun in spite of the screaming. What a good sport!

 Mom's grumpy, too. No surprise.

 Napless. Look at those tired eyes!
 He wanted to ride Kaylee's bike instead of his own 'Buzz' car.

This was taken moments after we walked through the door! Crash.

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