Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pittsburgh 7th Trunk-or-treat

Our ward had a big ol' Trunk or Treat party at the chapel. It rocked.
The trunk-or-treating happened at the beginning. Since it was raining, we did it indoors. Parents just sat along the walls of the classrooms and the children paraded through collecting their treats. 
Afterward, there was a feast that included a soup/chili and pie contest (my banana cream pie won 1st place for the fruit pie category...found out later there were 2 entries. Oh well, it was still a victory!)
Then there was a carnival for the kids! Games for all ages. The favorite was the 'ghost busters.' Ghost lights flew around a dark room and the kids took turns with lazer guns shooting them. It was so cool.

Here we are in our costumes!

Kaylee was Mulan.

Brenna was Aurora.

Ammon was Superman.

I was Mulan's Mom...or something!

 Nate didn't join us because he had to work. In his own words, "Booooooooooooo!!!"

At the chapel
 Full house!

I forgot to mention the crazy balloon room. A second favorite by my kiddos.

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