Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving in Phili...where else?

We were SO happy that the Lopez family hosted us for Thanksgiving! What a great week! Lots of crafts, lots of food, lots of girly fun! (Girls always outnumber boys.)

Best buddies!

Turkeys and pilgrims!

Brenna the princess, of course. Vivi put some makeup on her as well!

For our Thanksgiving feast, uncle Paco deep fried not one, but TWO turkeys! We also had pumpkin and apple pie, green bean casserole, rolls, potatoes, and butternut squash soup!

Fancy kid table!

And...nap time. zzzzzzz

The day after Thanksgiving, aunt Meri decided she needed to spoil all of us. We went to target and the kids picked out a toy.

This was Ammon's favorite toy, hands down! We could NOT get him to take it off! At the check out, we had to scan the tag. He was in super hero mode the rest of the trip.

Cart load of joy.

Ammon loves Uncle Paco! And Aunt Meri! And Ali!

We also decorated gingerbread houses. Can anyone say sugar high?
Thanks Lopez family...again!

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