Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cute girls, and daddy

I thought this was so cute...Nate took a break from studying and laid down with Brenna. They both fell asleep like instantaneously, and I noticed her holding onto his thumb! So precious!

Yesterday I was trying to multi-task and I bathed the girls together! Kaylee was so grown up and helped me 'clean Brenna.' Brenna was completely content as well. She loves her bath! Lotioning up afterwards isn't quite as enjoyable for her since it makes her cold. As you can see, I painted her little toe nails for the first time. It was way too fun.

Brenna is a tummy girl. She loves to sleep on her tummy on my lap, or anywhere else for that matter. I think it has to do with bubbles in her tummy that she gets sometimes after eating. Just give her the pacifier, lay her on her stomach, and she's out! Because of this, she is already getting so good at lifting her head up! Hopefully she'll crawl sooner than Kaylee did (actually, Kaylee never really crawled, it was more like a scoot with one leg in the air).


Shannon Masayo said...

Don't you love how cute their toes look painted. She is getting so big so quick. your girls are drop dead gorgeous! And don't the daddy daughter pictures melt your heart?

There is a picture frame you should get fro your husband at babies r us, I got one for Derek...

Anyway with that picture inside. He'll die

There is a poem that says...

"you say hello, it's daddy,
the few words you seem to find.
They're full of love and meaning,
I am yours and you are mine.
You smile with pride and hold me,
My fingers grasp your hand.
I have felt you in my heart,
Since the day my life began."

So cute I am pretty sure his eyes will "sweat" haha

kathy said...

Your girls are so stinkin cute! They are just so beautiful, like their mamma:)

Cory and Megan said...

Ohhh... your girls are so cute! It makes me even more excited to get my little one here! I love those little toes, so darling! You are such a cute mommy. :)

David said...

Hey you guys! Check out my new blog!

kelly said...

That is such a cute pic of daddy and baby.
Almost makes me want another one.

Niels and Kayla said...

those pictures are precious!

Rich'n'Rach said...

That bathtub picture is just about as cute as it gets! You know that one will be in a wedding video someday!

Angie said...

What sweet pictures! Brenna is adorable (as is Kaylee). How fun to have TWO little girls to enjoy those girly things with like painting their toenails and dressing them in cute clothes!

angela joy said...

oh my sarah your family is so cute!
and i don't even recognize brenna anymore!
i wanna come see you guys more often.
but i love seeing pictures in the meantime :)