Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am thankful

I have so much to be thankful for, but I wanted to mention 5 of them, just cause that's a good easy number.

#1. My Heavenly Father, for all the blessings I receive daily because of His grace, and for His son and for the redeeming sacrifice he made for me.

#2. My family. I have a wonderful husband who supports me and is an amazing father. I love my two beautiful angels, they inspire me to be a better person.

#3. Friends and extended family. My life is full when I am surrounded by people I care about and love! That includes all my blogging friends too!

#4. Food and shelter. I have never gone without either.

#5. Health and safety. My children are perfectly healthy. My husband is alive even though he is a crazy driver. I haven't caught any deadly diseases even though I am exposed to them regularly at work!

Here are some Thanksgiving pics. Brenna got to eat oatmeal, better than nothing! I had to work, but it's okay cause that means I don't have to work on Christmas!


Chaleese said...

Your family is beautiful!!!

nixon5 said...

So sweet! Love all the pictures.

Niels and Kayla said...

I would have taken thanksgiving over christmas any day as well! Sorry you had to work though, but still your family is so darling, what a blessing! Brenna is such a doll, i love it! her pictures can light up ANY room! haha that sounds cheesy but she is so cute! And im thankful to have such fun bloggin friends too, like you!! :)

Kyle and Reesie said...

I am so thankful for you in my life, what a wonderful cousin and friend you have been to me! Thank you so much for showing me how to make those darling headbands, you were a lifesaver! We had so much fun with you the other night doing crafts and stuff, we will have to do it again soon.

Cory and Megan said...

Im glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving. You have such a beautiful family. The girls are gorgeous and are getting so big. Im glad Kaylee made it through all her tests, it sounds like she was super brave.