Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My brave little girl

Monday was Kaylee's MRI. I am glad to report she did very well! She was so brave this time! The only time she cried was when they poked her with the IV. She let them listen to her, take her vitals, and everything without crying (as long as she was in mommy's lap). We did it at Primary's, and I was SO impressed with their staff. They really made things run rather smoothly.

This picture breaks my heart. I took it moments before going into the hospital. She was so excited to be going somewhere with mommy!

Her 'big band aide'

Poor girl

So obviously, she had to be sedated for the MRI because 3 year olds can't hold their heads still. It was so awful. The sedation they gave her made her eyes go all out of focus, and her arms and legs were doing all these jerky motions. She finally fell asleep and they carried her away. I had to fight so hard not to cry! I hated seeing her in that big machine with oxygen on. I had to go to the cafeteria to eat some food to keep my mind off it.

She slept for 2 hours afterwards, and exactly at the 2 hour mark she sat straight up, and was way dizzy and wobbly. She also was talking very slow. She became very impulsive and was uncoordinated. She also said crazy things like a drunk person! Apparently the stuff doesn't ware off completely for 24 hours! Anytime she walked anywhere for the entire day, Nate or I had to hold her hand or else she would fall or walk head first into a wall or something!

On the way home, I asked her what kind of treat she wanted for being such a brave girl, and all she said was, "Green!" (you see what I mean about the drunken behavior) so I got her a green apple slush from sonic. She drank it VERY slowly.

She was so happy to be home. She spent lots of time watching movies and cuddling with daddy.

This is just a picture from when she had her ER experience and MRI. Everytime she would look at her 'stickers,' she would freak out, just as you see here. No more of that this year! Good job Kaylee! I'm so proud of you!


Ash said...

Oh my goodness why did she need a MRI??? But I know how that is trying to hold back the tears, Brooke has a heart murmur so she has to be sedated and get all sorts of tests too and its definitly not fun! I hope everything went well!!

Chaleese said...

I am glad that the MRI went well! I am sorry that you have to do that though! She is a very brave and beautiful girl! She is lucky to have such a calm and loving mommy like you!!!!

Jenifer Morris said...

Sarah, you are much more tough than I am. We had to take Addi to get a renal ultrasound and a VCUG and I bawled and bawled the whole time we were in there. Good thing I had Randy to take care of Addi because I was probably crying just as hard as she was!
Kaylee, I am so proud of you! What a big girl!!!

Niels and Kayla said...

oh poor little girl, but im glad everything went well!! She is very lucky to have a nurse mommy to take such good care of her, and get her yummy slushys!! :)

The King Family said...

You sound like you know a thing or two about drunk people. I hope everything looked okay on the MRI.

nixon5 said...

What a sweetie and so brave. Good luck with everything. Brave mom too:)

The Frei's said...

What a brave girl and mom! I have helped out with sedations and using immobilization devices for x-rays so that the kids hold still and sometimes it seems more traumatic for the parents then the kids. I hope she gets feeling better soon!