Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mod Podge Picture Frames

Hello everyone! I started posting on this blog in November of 2008, so this was my favorite post! These frames were a gift to a family member. SO cute and SO fun!!!

I totally copied this idea from Charise, but how could I resist? It's only one of the cutest, craftiest ideas in the whole world! I made some for my sister in law, and one for my sister. I am sad that these pictures do not serve them justice. They are very cute in real life!

What I used for this project:

Mod podge gloss-lustre
Scrapbook paper
Wooden frames
Hot glue gun
Wooden cut-outs
Acrylic paint

See, I painted the frame white, then stuck the paper to the frame with mod podge.

Then, I hot glued these square wooden cut-outs to the frame. I then mod podged the blue paper onto the squares. I also hot glued some jewels onto them, you can see if you look closely. Then mod podged the blue stripe, and hot glued the flower.

Here's the bigger frame. That's black paper, not black paint.

You can take stem flowers apart like so. I did this to save the outer petals for another project, and so I could make the middle flower look smaller.

I did the same procedure with this frame.
Here's another frame I did using a wooden letter on top of left-over petals.
Buttons are hot-glued on.

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