Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Scrapbook calender

I made these for the Grandparents this year for Christmas. I won't lie, it was a lot of work. But I think they appreciate gifts like that. All I did was scrapbook pictures on 11x14 posters, then made the actual calender part on WORD and printed it off. I got it laminated it, leaving the squares blank so they could just write the dates in and re-use it. I bound it with book rings. These pictures of the calender right before I took it in for lamination.

I like this one because of the snowman I made (teehee). Isn't he so cute? My 3 year old named him frosting, you know, as in 'Frosting the Snowman' (I just love 3 year olds!)

On these 11x14s, I used 2 8x10s for the solid backgrounds. And make sure you use scrapbook glue, cause school glue does NOT stick well enough.

I liked the idea of using green for March, but not a huge fan of the Leprechaun theme...

I like how the girls' Easter dresses matched the pink solid PERFECTLY.

I think this one is my favorite. I do love pink and purple.

This is a tribute to my Father-in-law, and all the other U of U fans in the family, namely my husband. Those pictures are of my little girl. I know, she looks like a boy. When we went to that game with her dressed like that, lots of people told me how cute my little boy was. Can't blame them! Cause she does look very boyish in her Ute hat and football jacket! Anyways...

Isn't the ghost cute? I made that, too.

Of course the Christmas page was one of my favorites. Who doesn't just love Christmas stuff?

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