Saturday, March 28, 2009

A week with the Scotts

Last week, my cousin Kim and her husband Darren asked us to watch their 4 kiddos! So those 4 plus my 2 equals...6! I am glad to report that Kim and Darren came home to find all 4 of their children alive, and their house still intact. No major injuries (just a minor scrape on Logan which we immediately dressed with antibacterial gel and a band-aid) and no destroyed property (just the grass in the backyard where Kaylee wet her pants.) I have a new appreciation for people with lots of kids! It made me want to have more kids just because it is SO fun getting to see how all the different personalities add so much to the family. I absolutely loved staying in the Scott's beautiful home! I got to know Mckennah, Logan, Jaret, and Ayden so much better. It has been YEARS since I last babysat them! Kaylee loved ALL of them. She kept calling Mckennah her best friend. Every time she got 'in trouble' she cried for 'her Logan.' When she woke up in the morning, she'd cry and say, "Where's my boys? (the twins) I've lost my friends!!!" They were all so cute to include her when they were playing. They also got a kick out of all the funny things she would say. Also, they were very helpful with Brenna. They took turns holding her when I was busy making dinner or something. Logan was especially attentive. He was ALWAYS either with Kaylee or Brenna instead of out with his own friends. We are going to miss ALL of them although I'm sure they are glad to get rid of us! I took some pictures through out the week. ENJOY!

Nate LOVED having some boys to hang out with. They played video games together, basketball outside, watched movies, you name it. They even CRASHED at the end of the day together. Isn't this SO cute?

On one of the days, we went to the Clearfield Aquatic Center. I didn't get my camera out for the pool (I didn't want to ruin it) but I did take this one picture of Kaylee. She's crying because she wanted to keep going down the water slide instead of going home!

One of the nights we went out to the Weber County Fairgrounds for Mckennah's basketball game. She was awesome! Here's some pictures of her in action.
I'm open!!!
I had a little trouble getting a front-view shot of her. {SORRY!}

Mckennah, you're a great shot!

One of the mornings before school, Mckennah had me straighten her hair and 'poof' it. LOOKIN' GOOD girl!
These are pictures of one of the times we went to the park.

Don't you LOVE this picture? Logan looks a little distressed!

Now Mckennah has the ball...

Ayden, you crack me up!

Here's Logan with the ball lookin' like a pro.

Steal by Jaret! Look at the smile of satisfaction on his face. :)

Kaylee decided to join the game.
Nate of course LOVED playing ball with the kids.
Off to the playground with the homies!
Jaret tried to teach me how to use the rip stick. Yeah, I didn't even try.
Kaylee probably went down the slide 100 times.

Here's Logan on the monkey bars, 'cause he's a crazy monkey! (Just kidding, Logan!)
Ayden going down the slide with Kaylee
Brenna and Mckennah went for a lovely stroll around the park.

Where can I get tickets to this gun show? Hahaha you are SO buff, Jaret.

Ayden strikes a pose on cue. Thanks dude!

Thanks for a fun week, guys! You are AWESOME!


Lund7 said...

Yes, big families are fun and sounds like you had a taste of it this past week! Great pictures of some adorable kids!

The King Family said...

I think only you could handle that. Good job. Looks like you guys had fun.

Chaleese said...

Wow, Sara you are super mom! Looks like you had a great week! How did you keep it together? I can barley handle my 2 boys! You are amazing!!

Kyle and Reesie said...

I am glad you all survived! I am sure it was a busy week, but looks like everyone had fun. You really are amazing! From two to six kids, can do anything. :)

Devyn said...

wow 6 kids... crazy!looks like you had a lot of fun though!

Brian and Alisha said...

Wow... I am impressed! You are an amazing mom though! Looking forward to a big family then? =) It was so fun to see you guys Sunday! Bother Kaylee and Brenna are getting so big!

Cory and Megan said...

Holy Smokes! You had your hands full! BIG TIME! Im glad everyone had so much fun. You are so amazing. I would have gone a little nuts a few times I think :)

(And this is for Mrs. D. It is Autis Awareness Month. SOOO many people look at your fun little website, could you maybe do a little blurb about it being Autism Awareness month. I think it's important for people to educate themselves on it since it is such a growing disability)