Monday, March 30, 2009

Make your own beaded watch bands!

I have a bit of a new obsession. My sister-in-law got me started. She made me THE cutest interchangeable watch bands for Christmas and I have just LOVED them ever since. I tend to be allergic to the metal stuff on most watches, so finally, for once in my life, I CAN WEAR A WATCH! The best thing about the way she made these is that you can use the same watch faces for multiple beaded bands. {You can get some watch faces here.}

SO.....I decided to learn how to make them. I am so fabulously stylish now! And I love that I can make them the way I want to match my clothes. I thought I would share the idea and show you all how! (I started with a basic pattern. Note that if you use a SMALLER watch face you will require MORE beads on your band.)

What you need:

Beads of choice
clasps (see below)
a watch face
beading string (stretchy or not, it's up to you)
super glue

So basically the band is made like this. Start with all the beads you want in the first section on ONE side of the band, along with the clasps that attach to the band like so.
You then put on the beads for the other side of the section and loop BOTH sides through the joining bead(s).

Repeat the pattern.

Loop both through the joining bead(s) again.
Now the clasps and beads for the other end.

So at this point, your string ends will meet in one corner next to the clasp. Tie in a bunch of knots, then super glue the knot. Once the knot is dry, you can cut the string so it is no longer noticeable.

And there you have the finished product.

So here's what it looks like on! Notice how they clasp onto the watch face!
A view from the back!

So cute! I just love them!

These are the ones my sister-in-law made me to go with the smaller watch faces.

Here are a few I made for the BIGGER watch face.

A view from the back!

More variety!

Here's one I did for the bigger watch face. Notice there are fewer beads (not by much). I liked the black with the red and white too. :)

This is what it looks like on.

And another shot from the back.

And of course, if you don't want to make your own, check out EMBRACE for some that you can buy, along with a HUGE selection of other types of jewelry. Remember, Kaylee can custom design your jewelry to the colors and styles you want!

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