Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Painting Easter Eggs....thanks for visiting, FAMILY!

My family came last week to visit for their spring break! I was really bad about taking pictures. I guess I was just living in the moment. It is always so fun when they come to stay! They have to sleep on air mattresses...so I'm sure they're glad when they finally get to go back to their normal beds.

I did manage to take pictures of our little egg-decorating party! Kaylee, Heather, and Breanne always have so much fun together.

Ooooo look at the pretty eggs!

Of course Brenna LOVED of all the attention she got all week. She's trained for smiling now...any time you say, "Give me your cheesy smile!" She does this:

I had to take some photos of Jake eating dinner. He opens his mouth SOOOOO wide, so cute!

Heather and Breanne together again!

Kaylee's favorite dye color was the green.


Kaylee said...

I'm glad you had a good visit with your family, it's hard to live far from them. Brenna cracks me up, I'm glad I've gotten to see that cheeser in person, pictures don't even do it justice!

Brett and Megan said...

Oh I am sure it was so good to see your family! And Brenna is adoreble! Your Grandma is the cutest grandma ever!!! I am sure it's so good to have her back home. We need to get togther and go to lunch or something. I miss you! I hope you had a good birthday!!!