Monday, May 11, 2009

Jake and Brenna

About 2 weeks ago, I got to watch Jake while Allison and Darin went to WICKED. It was an adventure to say the least! I have never watched Jake that long before, so it took me a little while to get used to his cues. He had never had to drink from a bottle before, and he did NOT like it! He ate his solids though, no problem! He is used to sleeping in a cool basement, so the only way I could get him to sleep was to put him in my freezing cold closet! Funny baby!

I thought it would be fun to put both of them in the crib to play. They took turns giving me their cheesy smiles!

I LOVE the face Jake is making in this picture!

Holding CUTE!!!

And here's a random picture of my girls with their daddy...they just miss him so much when he has to go to school!


Jamie said...

Thanks for all the updates! I love looking at all the pictures you take, you are so good at it and your girls and jake are so dang adorable! i love the ones of them smiling so big when they are in the crib!

Allison and Darin said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! I bet they're the only ones we have where one of them isn't crying! Haha, I can't get over Brenna's cheesy face, what a character! That's awesome you're teaching her the spoon too. I love our kids!