Monday, May 11, 2009

Learning the spoon

I can hardly believe Brenna is 11 months old! She is getting so big! She has her 2 bottom teeth now and the top 2 are coming in (needless to say we have had many sleepless nights). She crawls and makes huge messes, and now she cruises around the furniture. She has even tried taking a few steps on her own. Her appetite has more than DOUBLED and always seems to be hungry! She loves sippy cups because they make her feel big. She has also loved testing out eating utensils! She smiles at EVERYONE, even people most kids would be afraid of and loves to make people feel special. I love watching her grow!

I can't leave out Kaylee. She makes life so fun. Talk about a wild imagination. She loves giving me gifts that she wraps up in wash cloths and burp cloths. She is very obedient and slow to 'anger.' She giggles about everything!
What can I say, I just love my girls!

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Gma Cindy said...

Me too!