Monday, June 1, 2009

The island of antelope, and playing in the water

I think this is the first time in my life that I've actually DONE something fun for memorial day! That and the fact that it was Mark's birthday the next day, we took a trip to antelope island!!!

Every year, one of my beloved children BUST my sunglasses. This year I think it was a combination of both Kaylee and Brenna. So here's this year's shades!

See the mini tornados? Yeah, those are NATS. Sick. Good thing they were not bad on the actual island!

Me, Kaylee {and Ryan}

Ok, I give you all permission to make fun of me in this picture. I didn't want to wear the helmet originally, but when we got on the trail and there were hundreds of HUGE BOULDERS in the actual path, I decided I didn't want to die of a brain injury. I crashed a number of times (so what if I'm not the ultimate biker!), and broke one of my shoes in the process. If I had known I would be biking a rigorous trail, I would not have worn flip flops!!!
And of course, Nate was too cool to wear a helmet! (actually, there were none left for him!)

This is what Nate and Ryan did when I told them to pose for a picture. I encouraged them to put their arm around each other in a loving way, but it didn't happen.

Kaylee's always been a dirt girl! She made castles and 'cakes' all day!

Cami and Brenna

Had to cover her big knoggin to protect it from the sun!

This year the Rich's are gone. Which makes me sad. We saw this inflatable pool when we were cleaning up, and hoped they wouldn't mind if we blew it up and let the kids play in it!

This is Brenna, waiting for Dad to blow up the pool. She LOVED getting squirted with the hose!

Can you see her top teeth? She has 4 now!

Oh, I forgot to mention that I got this SWEET new camera from my loving hubby for Mother's Day! (I know, we already have 2, but the first one is ancient and falling apart, and the other one is too big to carry around, plus it's so nice it might get ruined if I'm the one carrying it!)
This camera can go under water up to 30 feet! Shock proof! Water proof! Sarah proof!!

{mine is the silver one}
See, I took this picture from under the water.

And these ones.
Brenna kept almost drowning, so I put her in her tube.

Here's a little clip of them playing. Pretty cute girls!

June is a month of birthdays!!! Happy birthday to Ryan, whose B-day is on June 2nd! (We celebrated it Saturday)
Also coming up is Carissa on the 4th, Brenna on the 10th, and Allison on the 21st!!!
Happy Birthday this month!!!


Pieces of Us said...

So fun! I love summer for all of those reasons. Your sunglasses are way cute. I love them.

Yikes! Can you believe our babies are going to be 1 this month??

nixon5 said...

what fun pictures! Love the swimming it means summer is here and water and all the fun stuff. Cute girls you have.

The Morris Family said...

Cute new blog layout! I love the old look!
Babies are not so much babies anymore when they get teeth, huh? Brenna and Kaylee are growing SO fast! I need to get a pool for our house! My kid would NEVER get out of it, if I did!

Chaleese said...

Okay, your blog is so flippen cute! I love the sides and the header! I wish I could make mine cute! Your family is so darling! Cute, cute kids! I can't believe Brenna will be 1 this month! How fun!!

Allison and Darin said...

I love looking at your pictures, Sarah! That day looked like a memorable one (though I can't say I'd love to spend a day in a place with so many bugs!). And that picture of Brenna makes me laugh every time! It reminds me of Kaylee believe it or not!

Rodgers clan said...

Looks like fun, I haven't been out to Antelope Island forever.

PS:love the new layout, it's beautiful

Kami and Spencer said...

We need to have a little swim party with all of the kids. Daven and Sophie love the backyard pool too!