Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Evening stroll

Woo hoo! I finally learned how to make my pictures bigger!!!

On my days off, I try to take the girls out for an evening stroll. This really sweet lady in my ward just came over to my house and dropped off this double stroller...YAY!!! I love it. The girls love it too. So this time we wandered across the street to the elementary school park and had some SERIOUS fun! (and I took pictures of my gorgeous girls)

Here it is in all its glory!!! Look how happy Brenna is in this picture.

I took these pictures SERIOUSLY seconds later. I love my little drama queen! She screamed any time I stopped pushing the stroller. Man, she's hard to please sometimes! {note Kaylee's face as well. Like, What on earth is wrong with her???}

I love this picture of Kaylee comforting her.

Kaylee has finally started smiling for the camera! I am so glad, because she has such an ADORABLE smile.

The first time I took the girls on a walk, I put this hat on Kaylee because it was sunny. Now she goes and grabs it every time we go, even if it's cloudy!

Kaylee liked the little tunnel once I convinced her that it was okay that it was "gross" in there (from a little dirt).

Meanwhile, Brenna busied herself trying to eat the little pieces of wood. She could have played in that stuff for hours!

Look at those eyelashes man! Those come from her daddy. I wish I could say they were from me!

She curls her toes just like Kaylee did.

So while I was taking pictures of Brenna, I didn't realize that Kaylee was STILL in the tunnel, and wouldn't come out!

Apparently she was really scared of the holes in the floor once she noticed they were there. I had to go up and get her! She wouldn't budge!

Look at my awesome self portrait skills!

I like how Kaylee and Brenna both look so miserable here. I guess I AM going to be one of those moms that drives their kids nuts!!!

I laid down next to Brenna and took pictures of myself in my workout clothes with no makeup on. I know, I need to get a life!

This was kinda funny too...the end is the best part.


Shannon Masayo said...

loooove these pictures how cute are you three girls! seriously your girls are gorgeous and not just cause we are friends. seriously beautiful.

Pieces of Us said...

Those pictures are so cute. You do such a good job. I love the picture of Brenna's little toes curled. Oh and that black and white picture of you and the look just like your mom in that picture!

We do really need to get together. Let's do it soon!

Chaleese said...

You and your girls are seriously BEAUTIFUL! So pretty! I took my boys to that playground at the school the other day :) Wish I could have seen ya.

Shannon Masayo said...

we are for sure going to the midnight showing!!!! i don't know where yet...haha which is ok i guess :) i will let you know for sure

Trissy-T said...

I love love love those pics. Your girls are so so cute!!! They look just like you, your so beautiful!

Allison and Darin said...

I'm crazy about your photography skills. I loved all of them! You're so talented that way, Sar.

Gma Cindy said...

I love those girls...they are so fun. You are having fun with that camera, Sarah. The long eye lashes may be from Daddy, but the dark eyelashes are definitely from Mommy! It takes two babyyyyy....oh...sorry!

Devyn said...

cute pictures. you have such cute girls! i love them!

Kami and Spencer said...

Cute! All three of you are so pretty! Yeah, Roy pool is way kid friendly, its a lot of fun, and only 5 bucks. Megs and I are gonna try to go once a week, probably Wed. mornings, if you ever want to come please do! It would be way fun!

nixon5 said...

way cute pictures! I too am jealous of your photography skills. You are such a cute mom, with such cute girls.

Shortstack said...

Hey girl! How have you been. I've been trying to hunt down old friends! I'm so glad I found you! MaKenzie!