Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't worry everyone.

I haven't died or fallen off the face of the earth. You see, although at work I am very good at prioritizing my time, I am not quite as efficient at home. I AM still taking pictures of my girls...HUNDREDS of them! In July alone there were over 400! And I have done a good job of keeping them organized on the computer.
But getting them posted is another story.
And ever since I have had this mad obsession with editing all my photos to make them look pretty, it takes even LONGER!
So I apologize to my faithful readers. Please bear with me.
I am sure you will see more posts from me as summer dies down and I get board. Right now I am anything BUT!

Here's a little update!

All of us: had an AMAZINGLY fun summer! (Well, maybe all of us except Nate because he was in school) We had tons of family reunions, picnics, boating trips, BBQs, camping, drive-ins, you name it!

Nate: has 2 semesters left till he is DONE with the Master's program! We are staying in the basement until he finishes. He is also training for a triathalon, and doing very well I might add!

Me: same old same old. Working, being a mom, and juggling everything else. I have taken up a new hobby called exercising (not my favorite hobby) and I am currently trying to can stuff so the winter is yummy. I also clip coupons. And I still change diapers.

Kaylee: starting her first year of pre-school next month! She is so excited! She went and met her teacher and classmates...she cried when we left! No, screamed! She continues to let her imagination run wild and is almost NEVER without an alter ego.

Brenna: walking for about a month! She loves to talk in her own alien language...ALL THE TIME. Still can't sleep without her binky. Often cuddles up with strange random things, such as large books, Nate's football, her sippy cup, etc. She and Kaylee love to play and fight together.

P.S. Stay tuned! You will see more from us soon...or shall I say, as soon as I can.



Rory & Lori said...

You're so funny. I am the same way, sometimes it takes me FOREVER to post anything and then sometimes I do it very often. Your girls are so beautiful, I love the pictures you took!

Justin and Ashley said...

I can't wait to see more pictures. I'm glad you guys are doing good and having such a fun summer. Where do you work right now? Just curious. I'm sure you've said somewhere in your blog but I don't remember...

McFamily said...

That was a cute post! Pre-school? There's no way she's that old! Where is the time going?

Allison and Darin said...

Ha! You're as bad as I am now! Look at what my influence is doing. You're gonna have some angry readers!! Haha... you're better at taking pictures than I am though (as you should be with that MONSTER of an awesome camera). :) I didn't know Kaylee was starting pre-school!

Holly said...

Your blog is my favorite to read! Seriously you are too creative, cute and crafty for your own good! Also the family you have is just adorable! Keep coming out with your ideas because I am stealing them. This surgery has made me want to craft 24/7 which is not me at all! So weird! Oh well thanks for the message and the smiles!
Holly Vaughn

The King Family said...

Triathlon?!!! Which one? Mark still is, and he needs a racing buddy.