Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flower vase and treasure box makeover!

{Sigh} I do love makeovers. My sister-in-law's birthday was yesterday. What a wonderful excuse to get a little crafty!

Here is victim #1. A vase. A great thrift store find.

First step, spray paint with rustoleum.

Then add some color with scrapbook paper, plastered on with gloss-luster mod podge.

Here's the back. I love the flowers!

And here's the front. This turned out perfect for stem flowers!

Ok, victim #2! Another great find from a thrift store.

Here's what the inside looked like. Ewe.

Same thing as the frame. A layer of rustoleum inside and out, and some friendly scrapbook paper and mod podge. This is the front, again with the cute flowers!

The back!

The side. Don't worry, the mod podge disappears as it dries.

I embellished the top with fancy buttons. I love how you can put your own in your own pictures to decorate the top of this box!

This is the inside. The inside of a treasure box MUST have polka dots!

Aw, look how they match!

TA DA!!! Happy birthday Cam!

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