Tuesday, January 25, 2011

16 miles and Cindy's birthday

I ended up working on Thursday instead of Friday. It worked out nicely, because if I had worked Friday, I would only have Saturday to recover, then I was back Sunday.

Thursday was Kaylee's field trip to the Tinsel Town theater in Layton. They showed the kids how movies are played on the screen and how popcorn is made. All the 'behind the scene' stuff that goes on in the theater. They gave the kids some popcorn and drinks and let them watch a few short films on the screen. Kaylee had a lot of fun! It was fun to see her interact with the other kids. If the kids were doing something a little crazy or slightly dangerous (like letting the chair fold up and squish them in half) she chose not to participate. She's just my cute little wimpy chicken girl! (A mom's dream come true...a chicken child is a safe child) Nate had school so my nap was pretty short and frequently interrupted. By the end of my shift that night, my co-workers were worried about whether or not I was going to make it home safely, that's how delirious I was! It's amazing what 30-45 extra minutes of a nap makes when you work a 12 hour graveyard shift!

That night I took care of someone who had a 5 year old little girl that reminded me so much of Kaylee. This patient's choices had caused them severe health problems that will kill them if they don't change. It just made my heart hurt for that little girl, and made me so thankful for my own health and for Nate who is a good father to my girls. Just when I think my life is hard, I see someone like that and I'm quickly humbled.

On Friday night it was really nice to just relax...we got some pizza and watched movies. That is probably one of our favorite things to do!

On Saturday I got to do a long run with Cathi and Debby...16 miles! I love running with those ladies...it makes it so much less painful! We got to go outside this time, and it was so so nice. The ground was frozen when we started, but soon warmed up. We stopped at Maverik for a potty break, and the whole place smelled like donuts. Debby bought a drink, and at the counter they had a huge platter with brownie, doughnut, and cookie samples. I didn't have breakfast yet, and my stomach started growling. I said,"Those look soooo good!" And the woman at the counter said, "Go ahead, have some! Try every thing if you'd like!" Oh man, I was so tempted. Almost above that which I was able. But I resisted. We were just starting, so the last thing I needed was a stomach ache!

But alas, we did finish the 16 miles like I said. Needless to say, the rest of the day I felt like doing nothing. So I really did nothing all day. I can't remember the last time I let myself do that! I didn't cook, read, blog, nothin! It was so nice! I decided I need to give myself more days like that. I was so much more of a pleasant person to give myself some freedom from obligation.

Sunday was such a nice day. Our meetings were wonderful. And Ammon didn't need to eat until after church...that's a first! I was so pleased! The lesson in RS was based on the conference talk by Richard G. Scott...you've got to read it, it's wonderful. It talks about how sometimes the Lord tries your faith for a looooong time before you see the results or receive the answer you've been praying for. This may seem a little simple and silly, but last week I had purchased a pair of earrings for my mother-in-law for her birthday. I had looked at probably a hundred different pairs of earrings and finally found the perfect ones. I had all 3 kids with me, so after we had gotten home and everything packed in, I couldn't find the earrings anywhere! I searched the car, the driveway, the porch, the kitchen, my purse, and even the garbage can. I was so disappointed because I had put so much effort into finding the perfect pair. I said a silent prayer that I would find them. I told Heavenly Father that I had faith that he would help me find them if it was his will, and made sure he knew how much it meant to me that I find them. With that, I stopped worrying. Well, after having that lesson about a week and a half after this happened, we got home from church and low and behold, there were the earrings that I had lost, sitting on the grass. It was just a small testimony to me that the Lord DOES love us and answer our prayers, even though sometimes it takes a long time. This time of waiting is what increases our faith. What a blessing that was to me.

After working Sunday, Nate was so good and let me sleep until almost 2. I had to rush out the door to my staff meeting, so I really skipped out on helping at home pretty much all day! Last night we went to Mark/Cindy's for Cindy's birthday celebration. Mark made dinner, and it was so yummy. I love birthday parties! Especially when you get to pig out on German chocolate cake!

This week is just going to keep getting busier, so wish me luck. It's snowing now too, so that's going to add to the chaos!


Cindy said...

Wow...didn't know the ear rings had such a inspiring story! I love them. I love the purse too! It was an entertaining time with the cake. We love all of you to pieces!

Readable Eatables said...

Sarah thanks so much for your comment, you're so sweet. I love reading your posts, you inspire me to be better...seriously!
Your kids are so cute! Addie is a chicken too but I love it cause Ivie isn't at all, so I'm glad I have one :)

Allison and Darin said...

Wow, it's so hard for me to imagine you having a "nothing" day. I'd love to just witness it once in my life!

So how many miles are you trying to reach? How many are in the marathon? The task sounds so daunting. I hope someday I can do more than five!

Awesome story on the earrings. I have about a million stories like that, and it increases my faith every time! Honestly, it has worked with my phone every time.