Monday, January 3, 2011


Yesterday I worked a day shift. I haven't worked one in like 2 1/2 years! It was weird. When the sun came up, it totally threw me off! I definitely felt more awake and's something I could definitely get used to. Hopefully some day I can ditch the whole graveyard shift thing.

By the end of the day though, I had a really bad headache. I think it was more because I have a cold coming on...of course since I just got over one! We drove to Mt. Green to my Aunt Pam and Uncle Brett's home to see Craig and Sharelle (my cousin) and their kids before they fly back to Florida. I took a power nap on the way there, so I felt way better. It was so nice to see those guys! They used to live upstairs while Grandma was on her mission, and it was so fun because we got to hang out with them all the time! I really miss that. Sharelle is pregnant now and has the cutest belly! This will be their 3rd, just like us.

Today was Ammon's 6 month appointment...even though he's 7 months exactly today. His measurements are:

Head: 40th %
Weight: 19th %
Height: 26th %

So, basically, he's tiny. I have been worried lately about his eating, because when I go to work, he has been refusing the bottle! We can usually get him to eat some solids. On top of all that, he's SUPER active, so I think he burns a lot of calories too. The doctor gave me some tips on how to get more calories into him, and one of the things she suggested was to add vegetable oil or melted butter to his cereal...I had never heard of that! I'll probably go with olive oil since it's a healthier oil.

Also, the poor baby got shots! He was so good, just smiley right up until he got the shots...4 of them! With the first one, he just made a nervous laugh, but by the 4th one he was crying so hard. It broke my heart! He let me snuggle him after, then he was smiling again.

A few months ago, we had a mix up with our insurance because of me going on maternity leave, and Ammon had an appointment that included immunizations, all of which the clinic told us would be covered since we weren't insured at the time. Long story short, we kept getting a $500 bill from them! I didn't mind paying some of it, but $500 for a well child visit??? I had to make phone call after phone call. Finally, today I decided I just wanted to pay the balance and be done with it. However, the receptionist told me that we actually now have a $200 credit!!! What a blessing! It's moments like that when I know Heavenly Father is so mindful of me and my little family and is taking care of us by sending us little blessings like that every day.

Nate has this week off of school. He wants me to party with him, but I have some serious cleaning to do! He's offered to do the grocery shopping this week...thank goodness! That's sure a load off. He actually enjoys going with BOTH girls, which is a huge plus!

I am going today to get some custom fitted running shoes and arch supports. It's going to be costly, but I think it's worth it...I'm terrified of getting injured again, especially with the marathon being just around the corner! I've heard Striders is awesome. Guess I'll find out. I already have those shin sleeve things, so I should be covered! If anyone has any other tips on preventing shin splints/ other injuries, do share.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your life. Cleaning schmeaning! haha. I also know Heavenly Father is very mindful of us. Happy day to get new shoes. Have fun with Nate while he's home! And let's go run!

The Morris Family said...

Just think, you can afford to buy new shoes that fit your feet better now that you don't have to pay that $500 well child visit! LOL
I am so glad that you guys are doing well. I can't believe you had your third baby! I remember when you were preggers with Kaylee. (Seems almost a lifetime ago though!)

Craig and Sharelle said...

I'm so glad we got to see you guys, too! If only you lived below us now...sometimes I play mean tricks on myself and pretend that you do, only to have to face reality when I'm done :) You're so inspiring with the running and the blogging and, seriously, EVERYTHING you do! Once the belly's gone, maybe I can try to keep up. ;) Sure love you guys. We'll keep praying you'll at least be able to come out here for a vacation...but the moving idea would be even better!

Allison and Darin said...

The story about Ammon just about killed me! I can totally imagine him just cheesing it up for the doctors up until the first shot, and then STILL chuckling!! That little boy has the most pleasant, happy personality in the world! And don't worry about the percentages, he will be fine! Wow, you've had a busy week. Impressive!